13 thoughts on “May 4, 2019: Strike One”

  1. Minor Details and the recaps will be on hold for a few days. Sunday is always busy, and then I'm out of town for a few days. If nothing unexpected happens, we'll resume Thursday morning. If something unexpected happens, well, then everything's up for grabs.

  2. We got an escrow refund this week and now Mrs. Twayn is shopping for a sectional. No thought at all to replacing the clutch in the truck. What’s a man to do?

    1. I was just lamenting how much we spent on our new-ish sectional. It was purchased before we got two puppies...had I known that I would have advocated for a cheaper couch.

      1. I am generally scandalized by the price of a sofa and/or sofa related accessories. Most furniture in general, for that matter.

        1. Yeah I once bought a bed and a bookcase at the same time and the bookcase cost more.

          I paid for our sectional by selling all my Super Nintendo games. Got several hundred dollars for many of them.

        2. The Magnolia Design Center guys are on commission. These are guys that build systems of awesome, high-end audio and projector setups. Yet, because of the profit margins, they make the highest percentage of commission on seating.

  3. tfw, you just replaced the screen on the door and the new kitten immediately starts trying to climb it.

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