20 thoughts on “May 5, 2019: Viva Benito!”

  1. Jordan Balazovic made his high-A debut today with Fort Myers. He threw seven perfect innings with ten strikeouts. He did not come out to start the eighth.

    I'd say the kid did okay.

  2. As much as I liked the Marwin Gonzalez signing this off season (it's a good fit), I am still scratching my head a bit on his salary versus Eduardo Escobar. 12 mil vs 6.5 mil. I am guessing both guys are good clubhouse guys. Both have really nice position flexibility. I feel better about Escobar as a hitter the next 3 years than Gonzalez. Hope the prospects we got for Escobar work out, but man, I miss him on this team.

    1. Marwin has been a better hitter the last 3 years (113 OPS+ as opposed to 99 for EE) and offers more positional flexibility since he's a solid defender in the corner outfield. Escobar's biggest advantage would be him coming off his best season.

      1. Escobar's last 3 years include a 67 OPS+ 3 years ago, which really skews the numbers as does Marwin's one blow up year. My question would be who do you think will have more value the next 2-3 years. I think it is Escobar.

        1. ZiPS predicts 5 fWAR for González and 7 fWAR for Escobar over the next three years.

          1. Interesting. Name the player:

            as SS Inn DRS UZR/150
            Player A 2549.1 -15 2.4
            Player B 2243.0 -1 -10.1

            Same players, just for 2018:

            as SS Inn DRS UZR/150
            Player A 185.2 -7 -20.2
            Player B 269.2 -5 -2.9
              1. 'Spoiler' SelectShow
            1. Yeah, I don't think either player is being projected to play much SS. Both can fill in occasionally in a pinch. I think Escobar is basically a 3rd baseman now, who can fill in at 2B and SS. Gonzalez is a 1B/3B/OF guy going forward. Again, I like the signing with the potential question marks we had at 3B, 2B and 1B/DH. Our line up had upside by the time of the signing, but there were potential pot holes. Last years decision to move Escobar forced that need for Gonzalez. My hope is that Falvey and Co. saw something in one or more of these prospects. Otherwise, we got a similar player for quite a bit more money.

        2. The 67 year was the year of the three with the least amount of playing time while his career best year last year of 119 had about twice as many PAs. If you go back the last 5 years, Gonzalez is at 111 OPS+ and Escobar is 101.

    1. also, effing NYT. I am a digital subscriber to the newspaper, and yet I don't have access to NYT recipes. WTF? I mean, I get that you want to make money and I'm down with that. But that kind of market segmentation pisses me off.

      1. Cook’s Illustrated does the same thing — you can pay them to send a sheaf of dead trees to your house, but you have to pay separately to get behind the online paywall for the same articles, recipes, & reviews. I love them, but it’s such a middle finger to readers.

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