FMD — In Remembrance

So today is the 5th anniversary of my wife's death. Wow, 5 years. Anyway, are there songs that remind you of those who have gone before? Maybe it was your dad's favorite song on the radio or a song from a concert you went to with your cousin or friend from high school. Perhaps the song just is evocative of the person, reminds you of their character or the journey they went through. I have many such songs with Elaine but Ghost from Neutral Milk Hotel is one that always draws strong feelings for me. On Facebook I posted another such song, River from Patty Griffin's latest album.

Do any songs move you to remember someone?

Also drop 'em if you got 'em.

5 thoughts on “FMD — In Remembrance”

  1. 1. Photek “The Seven Samurai” Form & Function
    2. DJ QBert “Turntable TV (Blueprint)” Wave Twisters
    3. PJ Harvey “Send His Love to Me” To Bring You My Love
    4. Joel VeitchLa La La
    5. Björk with Skunk Anansie “Army of Me” Army of Me CDS2

    6. Arvo Pärt* “Berliner Messe: Credo” I Am the True Vine
    7. Katy B “See Through” Witches' Brew
    8. Eric Copeland “Mixer Shredder” Goofballs
    9. Duoteque “Drug Queen”* You Know a Lot About Drags
    T. Perfect* “Hand Cart Bwoy” Tad's Record Dancehall & Reggae Top 10

    E. “”

        a. B “” ()

    6. Performed by Theatre of Voices and The Pro Arte Singers, under the direction of Paul Hillier

    9. Neither "Drug" nor "Drag" is a typo.

    T. Sometimes credited as Mr. Perfect, and the song sometimes also shown "Handcart Boy", "Handcart Bwoy", and "Hand Cart Boy". Great single, makes me wish I would have kept up with Reggae after like 2008.

  2. 01. "Sleepin' Light (feat. Ural Thomas) – EL VYReturn To The Moon
    02. "Her" – Kye KyeFantisize
    03. "A/B Machines" – Sleigh BellsTreats
    04. "A Shot In The Arm" – WilcoSummerteeth
    05. "Novacane" – Frank OceanNostalgia-Ultra
    06. "Childhood's End" – Pink FloydObscured By Clouds
    07. "Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle" – NirvanaIn Utero
    08 "Diamond Rings 2007" – Deer TickWar Elephant
    09. "DRM-SWING-FILL" – CasioSK-1
    10. "I Wish I Knew" – Sharon Van EttenBecause I Was In Love

  3. Thinking about you today, free.

    With Pops, it’s more about artists than specific songs: CCR, (pre-Eighties) Johnny Cash, Louis Armstrong, BS&T, Chicago, ELO, and the Dillards.

    For Pa, it’s partially artists — Stan Kenton & Oscar Peterson, in particular — and partially music he performed. I can’t hear a British brass band without thinking of him, and I have a recording of him playing several string quartets with his & my mom’s quartet, and the viola part of the Kegelstatt with two of his former students.

  4. 1. “Pompeii” – BastilleBad Blood
    2. “Lass Uns Gehen" – Revolverheld - Immer in Bewegung
    3. “80 Millionen” – Max Giesinger - Der Junge
    4. “Mercy” – Madame Monsieur – single
    5. "Sekundenglück" – Herbert GrönemeyerTUMULT
    6. “Beloved” - Mumford & SonsDelta
    7. “Malamente” – RosalíaEl mal querer
    8. “Catalina Breeze” - The Blue Jean CommitteeCatalina Breeze
    9. “Working my way back to you” - The Spinners - Dancin' And Lovin'
    10. “Welcome Home” – Bachman-Turner Overdrive – Bachman-Turner Overdrive II

  5. So my dad had this cassette in his truck that he liked - The World's Greatest Waltzes. I remember a track he really liked was Life in the Finnish Woods - although we're Swedish, there were a lot of Finnlanders around Hubbard, Menahga, Sebeka so we were kinda in the Finnish woods. Sisu!

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