2019 Game 41: Angels at Twins

Last Thursday the Twins had come off a nice little 4-2 road trip, including a three game sweep of the Blue Jays. They had the best record in baseball and I had already placed a lawn chair on the Nicollet Mall to save may space for the inevitable victory parade. Now it’s Tuesday and the Twins have lost 3 of last 4 at home to the Tigers and Angels, Nelson Cruz is nursing a sore wrist (not a good sign for a power hitter), and Jose Berrios was Lance Lynn-like last night. What happened, the Twins have to do something! “Forget it Jake, it’s a long season.”

Kyle Gibson on the mound for the Twins and we’ve seen the emergence of Good Gibby lately. Let’s hope that continues. Angels going with an Opener tonight with Cam Bedrosian pitching first inning and then Felix Pena coming in afterward. This will be the third time this season Pena will have had an opener. I wonder if Cam has any fond memories of Minnesota when his dad pitched here? Usually the local paper writes something up along those lines.

Game time 6:40p. It promises to be another very pleasant night. I hope you can get to the ballpark or other enjoy the game as the Twins try to right the ship back toward my parade route. That lawn chair cost me $8.00.

45 thoughts on “2019 Game 41: Angels at Twins”

  1. Of course, first thing I see when I turn it on is Gibson get ahead of a guy then walk him.

  2. I had some adobo hanging out in the fridge, so I put it in a jar and made J. Kenji's 2 minute mayo. It's such a cool recipe.

  3. Gee, Dick, why do you think baseball players wouldn't want to go through tackling drills? Justin wasn't able to keep dick from going off the rails there.

    1. I'd be prefectly fine with him in the "eat some innings when the starter gets knocked out early" role. But totally agree with you in the "small lead in a game you really want to win to avoid a three game losing streak" role.

          1. I wonder that too. Twins people say they knew Pressly had great stuff, was improving every year and just needed to throw his curve more but staff wasn't getting through to him. I'm guessing that by the trading deadline Thavine knew Molitor wasn't coming back. Why not keep Pressly around thinking you can get through to him in 2019 with new coaches?

            1. Or they weren't sure if the Astros could unlock his potential. Once they did, then the front office realized they needed to overhaul the coaching staff so it didn't happen again.

    1. His 58 career wins is 13th all time in Twins history. 167 games started is 20th all time in franchise history and 10th in Twins history.

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