61 thoughts on “2019 Game 42: Angels v Twins”

  1. If Odorizzi throws an 11 inning shutout, he'll have the lowest ERA in the American League.

    Admittedly unlikely, but it's pretty wild that he's within shouting distance.

    Even crazier that if that one game against the Phillies had been rained out, he'd have a 1.50 ERA.

    1. I checked deGrom's game log from last year and he gave up four runs, all earned, in his worst start. He had five starts giving up three earned runs. He had one complete game and it wasn't a shutout. I kind of expected someone that finished with a 1.70 ERA would have at least one shutout but nothing. Ervin Santana had a 3.28 ERA in 2017 but still managed three shutouts.

  2. I do like when Gladden breaks down plays like that (Cahill's attempt at making a flashy no-look toss to first). He's very descriptive and I also like how he discusses how they play could have been done better.

    1. I was just about to come and say Adrianza is getting too many at bats, but my feed froze up and came back with him on third base.

      I still think he's getting too many at-bats.

    1. Because of parental leave.

  3. There's a fan in front of me who brought one of those oversized Mike Trout faces. Garrison Keillor just autographed it. What an odd memento that will become.

      1. Hitting him seems like a reasonable strategy. Trout's OPS in that situation has to be way above 1.000. It's like intentionally walking Bonds with the bases loaded.

        1. I was just saying that I would've seriously considered intentionally walking him there.

          Not that the one run is meaningless, but you HAVE to get one of the two of them out, and it seems way more likely that you'd be able to get Ohtani out than Trout.

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