27 thoughts on “May 15, 2019: Eleventh”

  1. Same. Like, why is Cecil the only one who used a chimney starter? They aren't that expensive!

    1. Also bbq nude? I hate to even bbq in bare feet as there always seems to be a stray ember on the ground that I step on. I'm not exposing anything else to potential sparks/embers/flareups.

      1. weren't Cecil and Prince at odds with each other? I guess if they're not talking to each other, it's not like they are talking to each other...

        good God, Prince's quad would feed a desert island castaway for several months

        "Prince! Put some clothes on when you're outside BBQing!" *grabs cape*

  2. The jalapeno is on a 10U traveling baseball team this year. He had practice Sunday night, team photos Monday, practice Tuesday, and a game tonight. A recent conversation in our house went something like this...

    Jalapeno: It feels like baseball is taking over my life!
    Mr. NaCl: Oh. Is that okay?
    Jalapeno: Of course! It's baseball!

    1. Despite it being on the TV all the time, going to 2-3 games a year, etc., Pete has never really shown much interest in baseball, but that's been changing lately. I'm trying to find a program of some sort for him. Lately he pulled out a whiffle ball set and has been absolutely raking with it.

      1. The jalapeno didn't really become interested in baseball until the very end of 1st grade, but he was already signed up for soccer. Last summer (between 2nd and 3rd grade) was is first time playing any sort of organized baseball.

        He definitely isn't exposed to as much baseball as Pete, but there's a park within walking distance where there's pretty much always some level of baseball to watch on nice evenings May-July.

    2. We moved the boy home from college (U of M) last night. When we walked into his dorm room he had not even begun to pack, which totally annoyed me to no end. However, one of the first things I saw was his baseball glove laying on the floor with a couple baseballs in it. I was instantly transported back to the years and years of coaching him and his friends in baseball. I remember the unbridled enthusiasm most of these kids had to play the game. There were days I would show up for practice and 4-5 boys would already be tossing the ball around. When asked how long they had been there, it was usually "an hour or two".

      Good for you that Jalapeno has that enthusiasm! My consistent advice to parents of any kids playing any sport is to 1) Keep it fun. 2) Fan the flames of passion for the game. 3) Let the coaches coach.

    3. Aww... That's awesome.

      Newbish has been begging to take out the tee and hit the ball just about every night lately.

      What's about the right age for a glove? He loves throwing the ball, too, and of course the idea of playing catch is making my heart melt right now, but I don't know that he's ready yet.

      1. As early as they are interested. At that age, I would get a small glove and a rag ball of some sort. Let him play with it in the house for a while by himself before you starting tossing it to him. I showed my kids how to toss it up to myself and catch it. Develops a level of security, so that when you do start tossing it to him, he is more comfortable. Must admit I am a bit jealous of y'all right now.

    1. Only a few comments over there, but at least one beaut...

      X: "

      Begin the countdown to the out of shape slob going on the IL again…..

      Y: "

      Jim Souhan? Is that you?


    1. You may have won Survivor XV, but I like to think that no one besides me really played Survivor XV.

      Also, I remember asking Rex several times if that was his real name. It's such a great, great name.

      1. That was some team you were on, that's for sure.

        I was also certain it couldn't be his real name. His book sounds very good; I'm looking forward to reading it.

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