22 thoughts on “May 17, 2019: Call Up”

  1. After Wednesday's game, I have attended 26 games in which Trevor Hildenberger has pitched. In those games, he's thrown 24 innings and allowed 24 earned runs, despite a 27:5 strikeout-to-walk ratio. His BABIP in those games is .487(!). Seems like some crazy bad luck.

    (I've also attended two games in which Mike Morin has pitched. He has a win and a save.)

    1. When people talk about "little league" plays, they usually undersell just how inattentive little league infielders are, and how amusing their decision making is.

      That was a little league play.

      1. I've watched it like six times and I still cannot understand why Alberto didn't just tag that runner.

  2. The Current just wrapped up its 893 most essential songs since 2000.

    Looks like four of the songs on my list when we had this discussion were numbers 195, 8, 4, and 82 (with my honorable mentions at 34 and 93). The only unranked song was "Carpetbaggers" by Jenny Lewis feat. Elvis Costello.

    1. For me it was #619, 164, 105, 62, and 2. genuinely surprised that #164 (Pearl Jam's "Just Breathe") was not significantly higher. The others seem to make sense to me.

      I'm also surprised "Carpetbaggers" went unranked, particularly given the two artists there.

    2. 74, 48, 69 for my top 3. Sigur Ros pretty under-represented, but their titles are often in Icelandic (or, in the case of my nomination, difficult to ascertain what the song title actually is). Sort of surprised that there's nothing by Wolf Parade or ...Trail of Dead? It's apparently been too long.

      Japandroids at 233 feels low. That song is going to outlast a lot of the stuff above it.

      1. Also, I must be the only Killers fan that just does not care at all about Mr. Brightside. I don't think it would make my top 20 favorite Killers songs.

    1. There was a book fair at the boy's school a couple days ago and I saw a bunch of Grumpy Cat books. I actually considered the mortality of said cat and wondered how long she'd be around. Guess I have my answer...

  3. We had a little escrow refund windfall and decided to buy a sectional for the family room. And end tables and a media console. Also carpet and paint. Oh boy, I get to paint. The job includes tearing out a closet over the weekend and I started today. I swear this closet is the best built part of the house, it's tougher than Indiana Jones's refrigerator. We could have used it for a safe room. I'll be able to get the sheetrock off okay on my own with a saw, but I'll need help pulling the 2x4s down, using a crowbar is more than my chest muscles can handle right now. It will be a lot of work, but we last updated that room 20 years ago, so it's probably time.

  4. Congratulations on the Boston Bruins making the Stanley Cup finals. And congratulations to Boston sports fans, it's been since.... checking old calendars .....February of 2019 since one of your teams has been in the finals.

    1. My mistake, I was thinking it was Torreyes. Arraez is actually a high batting average prospect, so that's actually kind of exciting.

      Probably stilla downgrade, but it gives Sano a chance to DH a bit and work his way back.

      1. Huh, career .331 average in minors, doing well in AA and AAA. No power, but can take a walk. Not bad filler if his defense is good.

      2. A definite downgrade from Cruz, but then pretty much anyone the Twins would be likely to bring up would be. He just turned twenty-two last month, so there's plenty of upside there. He's only had three games above AA, so I don't know that he's ready to hit big league pitching yet, but I hope that if he's going to be here that means he's going to play. If he's going to sit the bench as "insurance" for two weeks, they might as well have brought up Torreyes and let Arraez keep getting consistent at-bats in Rochester.

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