62 thoughts on “Game 45: twins @ mariners”

  1. I'll be here for as much of the game as I can until the whiskey sets in.

    Also, that Cron shot was smoked and I love it.

      1. I just have Evan Williams. Most of my whiskey drinking is of the cheap variety.

        I do spoil myself I've in awhile and get some good stuff though. I balls Laphroaig, though mostly I drink bourbon. Eagle Rare being my favorite, Russell's Reserve when I'm feeling cheeky.

          1. There is soooo much good whiskey out there. Thanks to curling (and teammates who don't have kids) I've tried some amazing stuff over the last decade.

        1. I have a mostly-untouched bottle of Laphroaig. I’m...trying to make sense of it. Every person besides me who’s tried a sip hates it. I somewhat tolerate it, I guess? I don’t think I’ve graduated to it yet.

                1. Tag, smokiness from peet is definitely a different animal than wood. Once it clicks, though, oh mama.

                  1. There is a definite umami-like sensation from the peet smoke of Islay whiskey that I really enjoy.

    1. Noticed today that 2Bux is top 20 in MLB in fWAR now. He's not exactly hot on Polanco's heels yet, but he will be soon, I think. He's legitimately looking like a star this season.

      1. Yeah, he's been awesome. That injury last year really didn't do him any favors, but a competely healthy Buxton is so much fun to watch.

  2. If only Cron would come up to bat with some men on base.

    This is so much fun to watch!!!!!!

  3. It’s like the Twins know we all want to go to bed early so they’re taking care of business early.

  4. Going with a classic Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

    Wife is enjoying a Lift Bridge Mango Blonde. I had to go to three different liquor stores to find that one.

    1. I went to hang out with some buds tonight and brought some Juice-Z. It wasn't bad, but not great either. I'm pretty over the whole NE style IPA. It's no where near the quality of Hop Dish.

  5. That was some inning...

    This is a really fun lineup, and they were mentioning earlier that it's been a full month since the last short start.

    1. Lots of home runs plus a solid rotation seems like a really good formula for winning baseball.

      1. Now if only they had a good bullpen. Lot of people with shiny ERAs but still below average in total.

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