2019 Game 46: Minnesota at Seattle

A complete team. I think that's what we're starting to see in this season's edition of the Twins. An offense that fires with the regularity and effectiveness of an artillery brigade. Starting pitching that turns opposing hitters' bats into Jell-O® sticks. And now the bullpen is getting into the act, with six current relievers sporting ERAs of 2.00 or less, though several of the remaining bullpen ERAs are well above the 2.00 mark. Still, as a team the Twins have a 3.82 ERA, fifth in the American League and good for a 117 ERA+. I just know it's been worth staying up late to watch these last few nights, even Pineda showed improved command of his pitches. I do hope that the FO takes note of the room for improvement in the bullpen, though, as we give up too many meaningless runs in routs of the Mariners in this series. Two more solid arms out there would go a long way toward making a deep playoff run a distinct possibility. Of course, I'm counting on Pineda settling in at the back of the rotation with a .500 record or so and an ERA around 5.00, and Gibson to continue being aggressive in the strike zone and getting his ERA down below 4.00, so I'm a crazy man. Gibson will get his most current chance to do the first and work on the second, and lead the team to a four-game sweep of the Mariners at T-Mobile Park Not Safeco Field®, as the Twins' starting pitcher today. Countering the right-hander for the Mariners is rookie southpaw from Morioka, Japan, Yusei Kikuchi (2-1, 3.64 ERA, 1.07 WHIP), the third left-handed starter that Seattle has trotted out in the series. A quarter of the way through the season and the Twins are one of the two best teams in the major leagues. Who'd a thunk it? Play ball!

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  1. Old friend alert

  2. I know the bullpen has been getting some criticism, but when I look at May numbers, I think other than the Hindenburg disaster, and Duffy, no one has given up more than one earned run for the month. I think they have the base of a good relief corp. I would imagine Falvine will look at adding an arm or two near the deadline if a few more reliable arms fail to manifest. I like the idea of trying out some minor league arms in lower leverage situations this time of year.

    1. He is not my favorite. I tend to come from the Howard Cosell school of thought that the jockocracy of sports broadcasting has been bad for the business. Hawkins lacks a sense of professionalism. He knows baseball and he knows the Twins - but he doesn't know the basics of TV broadcasting - like not cackling at a joke where the viewers have no context.

      I'd rather have an educated and trained broadcaster who has mastered the english language over a former player any day.

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