Game 50: White Sox @ Minnesota

Here's a little secret: I'm actually more worried about the White Sox than I am the Indians. The White Sox have been building for a little bit, while Cleveland is definitely on the decline. I felt this way last year too, though maybe I was a little early in that worry. It just feels like all of a sudden all of the White Sox' prospects are going to hit their stride.

But the Twins are pitching Jose Berrios, which makes me think that tonight will not be the night that the White Sox hit their stride.

Reynaldo Lopez goes for Chicago. He has apparently been better of late, but gives up lots of fly balls. And the Twins often turn fly balls into 4-base hits, so... we might as well start spookying now!

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      1. Nice. That looks like a fine way to nullify jack. That is not a brewery I've heard of. I've got some kegged up pale ale that's decent, but not great. I do have some Hopalicious in the fridge, but that's for "camping" tomorrow.

  1. Sometimes I scroll all the way down, past all the comments, and poke around on some of the other pages we have linked at the bottom. Tonight it was the USS Mariner. Still game intros in abundance, but man ... like no comments. Makes me appreciate what we have here even more, even in the down years.

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