Game 51: white Sox @ Twins

So. This team can put it in the seats , sure. But can they grind out nine innings of stringing together a bit every other inning, scoring a single run while pitching to contact and losing by six? Because I think I speak for everyone when I say that is the kind of baseball we've become accustomed to in Minnesota.

Until these guys know what it means to consistently load the bases with infield singles, then run themselves out of the inning by getting picked off each one of the bases, are these guys even Minnesota Twins? I submit that they are not.

But I suppose they'll do.

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      1. Actually, you can. I believe the phrase is whether the play should have been made with ordinary effort. Whether he touches the ball is irrelevant.

        1. Yea, it would be awfully weird not to call an error, say, on a grounder that went between an infielder's legs because he didn't get his glove down.

            1. Adrianza looked alright today. I don't think he is awful as a back up utility guy. I would rather see Arraez get another few months of seasoning at AAA. Basically, this slot is a defensive replacement/spot starter. He looks worse than he is just because everyone else in the line up is raking. He is basically just keeping that spot warm until a younger replacement is full ready.

  1. I know everyone makes an error once in a while, but I really dislike giving the other team an extra out. There's a reason they only make you get three outs in an inning rather than four.

  2. Given that the Twins have barely played the central division so far, I'm actually expecting now that they'll win 100 games for the first time since 1965.

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