2019 Game 52: Pale Hosers vs. Twinkies

So, it looks like the front office has recognized some relief pitching deficiencies and is making tentative moves to shore up the bullpen. The Twins offense keeps rolling like a juggernaut, the starting pitching is top notch or, in the cases of Gibby and Pineda, showing improvement with each start over the past month. This is the kind of Twins team you dream about through a frigid, dark Minnesota winter, or during the worst of a midsummer losing streak. And there just might be enough depth in the organization to weather the inevitable injuries that can leave your bench thin as an anorexic beanpole. The Twins send Jake Odorizzi (really good numbers) to the mound seeking a sweep of the South Siders and his 7th win of the season - before Memorial Day, no less. The White Sox counter with Dylan Covey, whose 5.31 ERA is seeking its first win on the year. Play ball!

64 thoughts on “2019 Game 52: Pale Hosers vs. Twinkies”

  1. If there's one thing the Twins have done really, really well this year, it's out up very crooked numbers.

    If there another thing they've done very, very well, it's hit lots and lots and lots of homeruns.

  2. I was down in Mississippi this weekend and laid a 10 dollar bet on the local boys to win the series. 10-1 odds at the moment I laid it down, down from 12-1 just hours before.

    1. Wasn't he the one who last time talked about knowing going to the bullpen was the right thing? I'm less surprised, given he's got that kind of approach.

      1. Besides playing dominating baseball, the operation of the Falvine/Rocco regime is close to, if not entirely, everything I've wanted this organization to be. And based on comments like this and Littell the other day, they're getting buy in from everyone.

        1. I was just thinking about this. Is it the chicken and the egg? Since they are winning, are people buying in? Or are they winning because people are buying in. Probably a little of both as somewhat of a chain reaction. Either way, I agree with what you are putting down.

            1. I would agree for the most part. There is something going on behind the scenes with analytics and communication that is waaaaay better than what we had before. However, this line up is quite a bit better than what we have seen in a while. I give the new regime many props for finding the right guys to pull onto this team. It does help when everyone from front office, to coaches, to players are all rowing the boat the same direction. I do wonder if they would have had as complete of "buy in" if they started out slow.

                1. Agreed. I think the Twins organization, at times, has been almost too loyal to past players and coaches. It is one thing to have them up in the booth, or in a position as "special instructor". It is another thing to put them in key positions just because they are either an alumni, or from Minnesota. I think the current regime has done a good job bringing in people who fit their model much better, AND can communicate effectively.

          1. Feels like part of the reason we are doing so well now is that the bullpen is always rested as are the catchers, etc. Everybody plays, nobody is overworked.

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