2019 Game 54 — Brewers at Twins

Game 54 means 1/3 of the season is over. Day after Memorial Day means the Spring portion of the season is over too. By this time we should be able to get a sense of who the real teams are and who the pretenders are. Obviously all is good in Twins land. Best record in baseball, on pace to smash the Home Run record, 10 game lead on Cleveland -- who doesn’t really look like a team able to play at a .600 pace the rest of the season, Oddo, Perez, Berrios looking great, even bad Gibby has been stuffed in a closet somewhere. Nelson Cruz should be back in the line-up any day, Mitch Garver on track to recover from his injury, Buxton doing (good) Buxton things, the list is endless. So settle in folks, we should have a fun summer of Baseball, and on the Tuesday after Labor Day, hopefully I’ll be writing up a post about Fall baseball coming up and how the Twins need to set up their line-up for the playoffs.

Brewers in town for the second game of a weird two-game series. I still don’t understand why MLB doesn’t like money. Bring the Brewers in for a 3-game series over a summer weekend, and update the software on your cash registers as people will be handing over the money on tickets, food, beer, and souvenirs like there was no tomorrow. Zach Davies on the mound for the Brewers with his gaudy 5-0 record, 2.43 ERA. Since he pitched two innings last night hopefully the formally teenaged-racist Josh Hader will have to take a night off today.

As mentioned earlier, Twins called up Delvin Smeltzer to make his MLB debut. Twins got him as part of the Dozier trade with the Dodgers and by all accounts was only a matter of time before he made it to the big club. Let’s hope for a successful first outing, perhaps a couple of early Twins homeruns will help tamp down the butterflies.

Games back at 7:10p. Looks like a nice but cool night to be at the ballpark.

Twins Lineup
Max Kepler RF
Jorge Polanco SS
C.J. Cron DH
Eddie Rosario LF
Miguel Sano 3B
Marwin Gonzalez 1B
Jonathan Schoop 2B
Jason Castro C
Byron Buxton CF

83 thoughts on “2019 Game 54 — Brewers at Twins”

  1. I have no idea what will happen tonight, but I'm glad we've gotten rid of this idea that a player has to play a full year at each minor league stop and has to dominate the league for some time before we'll call him up. Give the young guys a chance. They'll show us soon enough if they're ready or not.

  2. Hate to see Buxton come out, but can't blame the Twins for being careful with him.

    1. I didn't see it, but from the description on the radio I don't think any amount of bulking up would've helped.

      1. Yeah combo of wierd angle and the chain link fence instead of padded wall. Not much was goong to change that.

      2. This is one of the main reasons I watch games, despite my disdain for Richard. Sometimes audio-only is a suboptimal way of getting crucial information in a house with a young child.

        1. I would love to watch them, but most of the time it's not one of my options.

    2. Bulking up ain't no match for gravity. I hope someday he figures out that he's now valuable just being in center even with letting the occasional double drop in.

  3. I get the impression that the Brewers are significantly better at defense than the White Sox are.

    1. Short answer: Ryan Braun is a dumb dumb.

      Longer answer: Kepler made a leaping grab at the wall, dropped the ball on the transfer and doubled Braun off because he didn't tag before going to third, thinking it wasn't a catch.

  4. This game either feels like the twins should be up five or will be soon. Like, I don't think Davies is really fooling anyone, but they keep getting unlucky and hitting everything right at someone.

  5. I hope the front office does something to give this bull pen a chance to be a post season contender.

    1. After the Smeltzer debut, I'm ready for their idea to bring up fiery, young arms from the minors for bullpen fortification.

        1. Between how he looked in the postseason last year* and the uncertainty he’d be effective once he reaches Minnesota after an extended vacation, I think I’d rather look at alternatives. Money can’t be the only reason Boston didn’t bring him back.

          * SSS, yes, but he didn’t look right.

  6. Was definitely holding my breath through the entirety of the Yelich at bat.

  7. Taylor Rogers ties Hector Carrasco for 26th place in Twins history in games pitched with 219.

  8. Does Smeltzer go back to AAA to get in another start since tomorrow and Monday are off days?

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