FMD 5/31/19 – Summer Mix Time

Not sure if I'm the one to put this together, or if someone else wants to step up (I'll happily defer, given that I won't get to it for a while), but I thought we should at least get nominations for a 2019 summer mix.

Same approach as usual - nominate 3 songs, at least 1 is guaranteed to make it, with heavy preference given to the first song you list. Or something like that.

Also, feel free to talk summer music more generally today, or drop you random 10's, or whatever you like.

15 thoughts on “FMD 5/31/19 – Summer Mix Time”

  1. 1. Pearl Jam “Immortality” Vitalogy
        a. Eastern Kingbird “Dawn Song” (Cornell Master Set)
        b. Yellow-throated Warbler “Song Type A3” (The Warbler Guide)
    2. Roxette “Dressed for Success” Look Sharp!
    3. Bat for Lashes “Horse And I”* Fur And Gold
    4. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy with Thomas A. Minor and the Picket Line “You Want That Picture” 7/26/2008, Live at Funtown, Jeffersontown, KY
    5. Jimi Hendrix “The Star-Spangled Banner” Jimi Hendrix: Woodstock

    6. Eric Copeland “Larry of Arcadia” Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect
    7. Robyn “Cobrastyle”* Robyn (U.S. Edition)
    8. Elite Gymnastics “Is This on Me?”* Real Friends
    9. Meat Puppets “Lost” Meat Puppets II
    T. Beyoncé “1+1” 4

    3. I think this is my favorite song from her. First song from her first album? Cripes, I'm a hipster deep in my core.

    7. Cover of a song by Teddybears featuring Mad Cobra, but this cover was also produced by Teddybears, meaning this could have been credited to Teddybears featuring Robyn. So is it a cover?

    8. This song is still the reason I pay attention to this band and its offshoot Default Genders. Built on samples of Faye Wong's "Eyes on Me" from Final Fantasy VIII.

  2. 1. Your Smiling Face--James Taylor
    2. Telephone Line--Electric Light Orchestra
    3. Don't Ask Me Why--Billy Joel
    4. Oh, Darling--Supertramp
    5. New York's Not My Home--Jim Croce
    6. These Dreams--Jim Croce
    7. Every Day--James Taylor
    8. Come Monday--Jimmy Buffett
    9. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey--Paul McCartney
    10. Here Comes the Sun--The Beatles

  3. * Sullivan - Hospitality - Trouble
    * Grass - Weaves - Wide Open
    * You Wouldn't Like Me - The Beths - Future Me Hates Me
    * Lead Ashtray - Fresh - (self-titled)
    * Metastaseis - Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra - Xenakis: Orchestral Works (I. Xenakis)
    * B&E (with Aggravated Assault) - Newspeak - Sweet Light Crude (O. Bettison)
    * The Last Goodbye - The Kills - Blood Pressures
    * Hommage No. 3, Hommage à Steve Reich - Mabel Kwan - Georg Friedrich Haas: 3 Hommages (G. F. Haas)
    * Waitress - Hop Along - Painted Shut
    * Nothing Stirs - The Body - I Have Fought Against It, But I Can't Any Longer

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