2019 Game 58: Rays at Twins

Don't look now, but Jake Odorizzi (7-2, 2.16 ERA) is the best pitcher in the Twins starting rotation by just about any set of numbers you peruse, and one of the best in the game as of today. The ESPN Cy Young Predictor currently ranks him fourth, behind Justin Verlander, Roberto Asuno and Domingo German, and just ahead of our own Jose Berrios. That's two Twins starters with a legitimate shot at the Cy Young award. We haven't enjoyed rotation riches like this since Santana and Liriano combined to light up the league back in 2006. Odorozzi starts his 12th game of the year for the Twins today. The Rays will start lefty Ryan Yarbrough (4-1, 5.53 ERA), who struggled early in the season but rebounded after a recent minor league stint. Yarbrough's given up just two combined runs in his last two starts since being recalled from AAA Durham. Play ball!

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  1. The weather is absolutely perfect for sitting out on the deck watching baseball. I spent the morning tilling and raking around the new playset so I can finish that landscaping project off next weekend so I am done with choring and can now relax.

    1. I spent all week working on the family room remodel and definitely overdid it, so I'm taking today and tomorrow off from all physical labor and will finish the painting on Tuesday. Today I'm gonna watch the game, take the dog to the park, and attend a nephew's HS graduation.

      1. My mom bought this one for the kids.

        If i have any advice it's so not, under any circumstances, get one with that frickin twisting slide. The playset mostly went together easily but that slide nearly broke me.

          1. My backyard isn't super level, so I had to dig up a sizeable area. The nice part about the set I linked to is that the supports for the swing beam is pretty adjustable so you don't have to do quite as much land manipulation to get it level. Now that I'm finished with the prep, I'm going to put down some weed control fabric and mulch.

                  1. Yup, and. It. Sucked. If your yard is reasonably level, just set it up on the grass.

  2. I bought a Nintendo 3DS and it arrived yesterday. Today I bought Super Mario 3 for $5 and I am super pumped about it.

  3. Good lord. Either my Internet (AT&T Uverse) or mlb.com is incredibly balky today. I've restarted mlb.tv twice and it has crashed twice in less than a minute each.

      1. It's clearly my Internet. UVerse is the worst, except for all the others.

        We paid to upgrade speed a couple of months ago. Since then, we've seen LOTS of dropped signals. 🙁

        1. I've got Charter so I can sympathize. I've tried to look into increasing the speed, but their website is terrible and workshops let me do it and there is no way I will ever give them a call if I don't have to.

  4. If you're ever feeling useless, know that there is a center fielder whose job is to try to throw out Buxton on a sacrifice fly

  5. Dammit. The wind just yanked my patio umbrella from its base, flew it up onto my roof, and ripped the ribs through the fabric.

          1. Pro: I still have my beer.

            Con: I could no longer see the tablet screen so I had to go inside to watch.

  6. Odor's striking guys out, but he's not putting them away very quickly. Looking like we'll need the bullpen to carry some of the load.

    1. I think they don't do much as act like they want it as they act like they know they can absolutely get it

  7. Thanks, bullpen, for reminding me there’s an episode of Chernobyl I haven’t watched yet.

    1. I agree, although I will absolutely take it if it means taking 3 of 4 from the Rays in Tampa.

  8. Stunningly great day for Open Streets on Lyndale. Time for Rogers to slam the door.

  9. Mixed emotions are when you win a 4-game series in Tampa and it helps the Yankees extend their division lead.

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