Game 62: Twins at Tigers

Tonight the Twins start the final leg of their long road trip with the first of 3 in Detroit. A year ago we probably would have looked at that series in Cleveland and thought it showed promise - they had a chance to win all three games! This year... it feels like a let down. Hopefully they can turn things around against the Tigers (well, hopefully they turned it around last night with the win...).

Pineda has been called up from the IL, and hopefully he's able to quickly find his stuff again, because the Twins are facing Matthew Boyd, who has some pretty impressive numbers. Of course, he gets beat when he gives up the long ball, and the Twins... they hit those. So maybe you'll want to add multiple names to your HR guess list tonight.

In other news, Philosofette's surgery went well, and she's home and on the mend, though that'll be a long process. Hopefully the Twins can help keep her spirits up!

39 thoughts on “Game 62: Twins at Tigers”

  1. I don't know - Garver hitting a home run kinda makes the balk and the wild pitch that got Buxton to 3rd wasteful.

    1. I'm just glad they finally called it. It's the most balky balk that ever balked and that first base ump looks like a moron.

      1. What were all those voices on the TV broadcast during the balk call? Fans close to the booth arguing?

  2. Bert says “you hate to see a guy like [Cabrera] have injuries at the end of his career.”

    Remember all the things, though, Bert? Because Cabrera is exactly the kind of human being I like to see failing.

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