2019 Game 65: Mariners at Twins

Seattle in town for a 3-game series and bring your glove if you're sitting in the outfield seats as both these teams on pace to demolish the season home run record. Seattle has 5 games in hand so their 1 HR lead may not hold however. I don't get how another team can have played 5 extra games by June 11th, especially since the Twins have made up a bunch of their early cancellations. Twins coming off a nice 6-4 road trip and now have 9 games at home, mostly against division bottom feeders. A 6-3 home stand would be great and really put the pressure on Cleveland to pack it in for the year.

Mike Leake on for the Mariners and he pitched a complete game in his last outing. For those who forgot, a complete game is where the starting pitcher goes the whole nine innings and gets all 27 outs, no relief pitcher comes in. Not sure teams could do that anymore but apparently Mike Leake just did that just last week. Not a big strikeout pitcher but has done well against the Twins over the past year. Martin Perez on for the Twins, and although he's come down from his lofty early season perch, has continued to pitch quite well for the Twins.

Kind of a rainy day and forecast calls more rain off and on but I'm guessing they get this one in. Back to 7:10p starts.

Twins Lineup
RF Kepler
SS Polanco
DH Cruz
LF Rosario
3B Sano
1B Gonzalez
2B Schoop
C Castro
CF Buxton

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    1. Marney interviewed him last inning. Seemed pretty at ease for having just become a multi-millionaire. He said he likes the cold. Marney asked what he projected for his career, and he said he plans to be playing in Minneapolis four years from now.

  1. I know this team is tied for best winning % in baseball.

    I also know I am a very pessimistic sports fan.

    But games like today are why I have zero faith this team can do anything in the post season.

  2. I love being wrong about this team. And ill be more than happy to continue to be wrong well into October.

      1. Wasn't watching most of the night, but gameday was showing lots of called strikes that looked like that?

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