131 thoughts on “2019 Game 66: Seattle Mariners at Minnesota Twins”

        1. https://dailycaller.com/2019/05/28/blues-bet-scott-berry-100000-400-las-vegas/

          Guy bet $400 on st louis to win cup when they were in last place at 250:1 to win $100K.

          He was offered $75K for the ticket before game 6 and turned it down.

          In the degenerate circles I became a member of while living in Las Vegas that is wholly unacceptable behavior. I can never bring myself to root for any Boston team - but I won't be sad if they win and this guy loses out on that money.

  1. So I have this cheap ass Trader Joe’s rum that was purchased as an ingredient for some dish, and I can’t even mix it with anything to make it go down. I read somewhere about adding some toasted oak and vanilla. I did that and the rum is certainly less worse. However, oaked gin is a real thing and it’s really good.

      1. Even with upgrades - which Im not holding my breath for Ive been a Twins fan for too long to believe this fucking ownership and management will really do anything - we are all going to be holding our breath when the bullpen has to come in for playoff games.

        1. Every team ever holds their breath. Yankees fans don't even trust their bullpen. Hell, the WGOM didn't even trust Nathan, one of the best closers of all-time

        1. Us too. The previous owner left behind two barn cats when we bought our place. We call them Yellow Cat and Black Cat.

          Sometimes we call Yellow Cat "Puppy" because my nephew kept pointing at it and yelling "Puppy!" when he was like 2.

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