60 thoughts on “June 13, 2019: A Dream Interrupted”

  1. The Little One still doesn't sleep through the night with anything approaching 75% success. She'll sleep through the night twice, maybe three times, a week.

    If I only wake up once, it's a win.

  2. For the first time in a while, I’m in the market for a Twins cap. My last one has faded from dark blue to a washed-out, greyish denim. Unless it’s a cool day (like today), it’s too hot for me to wear my Ebbets Field Flannels wool caps.

    I’m not a huge fan of structured crowns, so I’ve tended to get 47Brand caps. That said, I do like the look of this New Era cap. Anyone have any experience with the polyester material? I’m not into putting a heat-trapping synthetic oven on top of my grape.

    1. I recently bought a 59Fifty. It's not the exact material in your link, but still polyester. I forgot to switch to an old hat last weekend while I was doing some landscaping and didn't notice any issues with heat. I haven't had it long enough to wear it during a really hot day yet, though.

        1. Heh, no, I curved it still. I actually bought it without paying close enough attention to what I was buying. Normally I prefer a lower profile cap, but so long as I don't leave the bill totally flat the high profile isn't too bad.

    2. I've got that one (or something similar to it) in the navy color. It's alright. I don't think it's any hotter than a usual hat in my experience. I've had it for a year, and I definitely need to clean it already, as the wear and tear definitely displays itself. (As an aside, how often do y'all regularly clean baseball caps? My last one got destroyed when I tried to clean it, which is what led to this new one. I don't think I over-clean, but suddenly the previous hat couldn't keep form.)

          1. That was my old one. It was a goofy blue one with an M that was cocked off to the side. I really liked the material and low profile, but it wasn't fitted and the way the M was on there was dumb.

            1. Several people asked if my last "M" hat was a Brewers hat. It was the red "M" on a red hat (I actually thought that hat was pretty cool).

              Also, almost no one outside of MN seems to know what the TC hat is.

      1. my "good" cap got washed and now it doesn't hold its shape properly; think I'll make getting a replacement a checklist item for when I'm in MN next month

      2. I went through my dozens of hats up on the closet shelf the other day. Lots of them had the sweat stain on them. There were 4 hats that I really loved that looked ruined. I took an extra toothbrush we had, ran some water over the stained areas, applied some mild soap to the tooth brush and gently brushed the stains. Light rinse. All 4 hats looked good as new when I was finished.

      3. You can't wash your hat, you wash all the luck out of it.

        Most my hats get cleaned is if I wear them in the rain.

    3. I love my '47 cap. I'm on my 3rd iteration of the same style (which I sadly don't see on their website anymore).

      The first one got lost on a very drunken Fourth of July in Dublin. The second got downgraded to my mowing hat when I got a new one for our honeymoon because the old one grossed out my wife.

          1. Mine is a Chicago Americans hat I got as a give-away at a White Sox game like 18 years ago. It is not allowed indoors anymore.

    4. I like the 39Thirty hats. I'm sure some people hate them because they have elastic, but I think it makes for a comfortable fit. I've collected 5 of them over the years - one is dark blue with a breathable mesh-like material. The sizing is weird, so they're not as easy to order online. I've got a pretty big head but wear a Small-Medium (some are tight, some are loose, so I suppose the elastic wears down over time).

        1. It is going to be somewhat hilarious when Rosario comes in off the bench to hit the only HR of the game.

  3. I’ve been doing this weird thing lately where I wake up like 5 times a night for no good reason at all. It’s very tiresome.

    It's called "middle-aged bladder."

      1. Dude, trust me on this. Waking up multiple times to pee is not a good reason. It's just a fact.

  4. Steve Inskeep's interview of Peter Navarro was yet another example of Inskeep's unparalleled greatness.

      1. I also love how mr. Navarro seems to forget that New Mexico is a state in the union with a lot of real estate on the boarder.

  5. Twins Daily is pimping Sean Doolittle as a trade Target. I could get behind that, as long as it doesn't involve the 2019 equivalent to Wilson Ramos.

  6. Just had an Incredible Whopper. I'm not sure about "incredible", but it was certainly credible.

    Taco Bell hasn't been using beef for quite a while now, though...

  7. Demarcus Cousins is key.

    Plus I love that the NBA allows for alternative Jersey is names “North” “The Town.” No other major sport does that.

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