Game 68: Your Minnesota Twins Honor Former Twin Joe Mauer By Playing The KC Royals

We start Joe Mauer Number Retirement Weekend with Purple Prince Twins Jersey Night at Target Field. Man, this is a good weekend for Minnesota stuff, isn't it? Prince and Mauer? Nice. Also, our town just got a Townball team, and they wear purple jerseys, and their first ever home game is tonight too. So this is one of those fate things, right? Gonna be a great weekend for Minnesota baseball.

Let's hope the team can get going on an actual winning streak here tonight. They're pitching Gibson, who didn't do so hot against KC when he faced them in April (4.2 innings, 5 earned runs in a game the Twins ultimately won 7-6). But that was April, and no one knew the Twins were the best team in baseball back then, so I expect the Royals will just lay down this time for Kyle.

Meanwhile, the Twins are going to be purple raining bombas all over the place, and hopefully everyone can just sit back, relax, and enjoy a beautiful Minnesota summer weekend. This is the good life.

58 thoughts on “Game 68: Your Minnesota Twins Honor Former Twin Joe Mauer By Playing The KC Royals”

  1. I’ll say this for these Kool-Aid Man tops: they make the Royals’ uniforms seem even more beautiful than they already are.

    I really hope the Twins don’t wear those awful new blue tops tomorrow, but Odorizzi’s pitching.

  2. The Twins have a run differential of +117, or 1.72 runs per game. Jake Odorizzi has a 0.76 ERA in his last eight starts. Jorge Polanco (.335/.395/.563/.957) has a 3.9 WAR. Eddie Rosario has 19 home runs and 52 RBI. Buxton has hit 21 doubles and stolen 10 bases. Jose Berrios strikes out almost five times as many batters as he walks. I've never had so much fun with numbers before.

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