2019 Game 74: Twins at Royals

Winning series’s against the likes of Tampa Bay, Houston ... even Cleveland (and eventually New York and Boston) is what I hope to see over the remainder of the season. That being said, I certainly don’t mind another mid-season series against the Kanas City-type teams in this league - non-ass-bats make watching the individual games more enjoyable and (when they handle their business) continues their pursuit of the big prize: securing playoffs games & winning series’s in October. That said, watching career years out of our 1A & 1B starters is certainly worth the price of admission.

Odorizzi vs. Sparkman

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  1. Of course. OF COURSE! on a night i don't frickin pick him. Least favorite twin.

    1. Cron has run — or been sent — in some questionable situations. Also, I don’t understand why more guys don’t use the hook slide.

    1. This seems like a very silly thing to say. We have Berrios, and Odorizzi has been one of the ten best starters in baseball. Do you just want Verlander?

      1. Do you trust either Berrios or Odorizzi to win the final game of a playoff series?

        I don't.

        1. Maybe you haven't watched the same Berríos I have the past season plus. He almost completely shut down Boston, an AL East team that has the fourth best R/G in the league.

          1. You first post an ass hole/sarcastic question then follow it up with a logical fallacy and accusation of not paying attention. Luckily there are enough people here with more maturity to argue and debate with here.

              1. Im good and my point has been made - I don't feel any need to push or incite things further.

        2. Do you think that Bumgarner's magic is going to work five years later? Because I think he'd be the third best starter on the team.

          1. You five year question is a valid one and gives me pause.

            I disagree 100% that he would be the 3rd best starter on the team. Maybe Berrios is motivated to challenge him for that top spot but Bumgarner is without question better than every other pitcher on the Twins staff regardless of current season stats.

            1. Bumgarner's ERA in 2019 : 4.28
              Twins starters with a better ERA in 2019: Berrios (2.86), Odorizzi (2.58), Perez (4.09), Gibson (4.18)

              Bumgarner's FIP in 2019: 4.20
              Twins starters with a better FIP in 2019: Berrios (3.52), Odorizzi (2.98), Perez (3.62), Gibson (3.93)

              Bumgarner's HR/9 in 2019: 1.5 (almost Pineda-like)
              Twins starter with a better HR/9 in 2019: you get the idea...

              Berrios, Odorizzi, and Gibson are also striking out more batters than Bumgarner is.

              So, maybe he'd actually be the 4th or 5th best starter on the team?

              1. Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics.

                Come October I would much rather have Bumgarner on the mound than any current pitcher on the Twins staff.

                Ask any professional sports bettor or MLB follower that isn't an every day Twins fan and they will tell you the same.

                I will be the happiest person and the first person to come here and eat crow and take my licks if I am proven wrong and the Twins actually win a playoff series in October with the current starting rotation.

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