Game 75: In which the MN Twins try to Hit the KC Royals, atKC

Let's see if they can do it!

Unfortunately, they've had trouble doing it lately.
Fortunately, they appear to be putting out about the best lineup they could.
Unfortunately, Jakob Junis is one of those dominant pitchers who always picks the Twins apart, right?
Fortunately, the Twins are countering with the always brilliant Martin Perez.
Unfortunately, I have to wrap up this preview now.
Fortunately, it's because I have to go out to dinner with my family.
Unfortunately, now I have to wait to do that while my daughter changes into something more appropriate.
Fortunately, that means I can write more preview.
Unfortunately, I've got nothing more to add.

101 thoughts on “Game 75: In which the MN Twins try to Hit the KC Royals, atKC”

  1. I've decided that Sano's problem is that he hates running. He only wants to ever strike out or hit a HR. Everything else requires running of some sort, so he prefers 2 of the 3 true outcomes.

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