Game 76: twins @ royals

The Twins are in a bit of a rough stretch lately. Now, they're merely the best team in the AL. Whether it's that the opponents have adapted a bit, or whether the team is just tilting a bit, they've seemed a bit flat lately.

This is still a good team, though. I know we're all looking for that thing to push us into postseason glory, but for now, let's concentrate on today's game and enjoy the ride.

Today's game features Berrios for the Twins. No matter what anyone says, he's pretty clearly one of the top 10 starting pitchers in the game right now. If that's not an "ace", then the designation is meaningless.

Also, I'm picking Cruz for Bombagame today.

Let's blow the Royals out of the water.

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      1. 2017 Twins: Surprise team that made it to the postseason. Buxton had 5.1 rWAR.
        2018 Twins: Team underperformed somewhat to a below .500 season. Buxton had -0.3 rWAR.
        2019 Twins: Surprise team with one of the best starts in Twins history and at the top of the AL/MLB. Buxton on pace for 6+ rWAR.

        Just saying. One player can't do it all (c.f. Angels) but he's an important player.

      1. Well, what the hell. I put it in today’s CoC but it must not have posted. OK, he’s just gonna have to hit another one now. We’re gonna need a lot of hits in the 9th.

        1. You can build a list of seasons to pass. My thinking was to collect all Twins seasons above their current count, perhaps culling uninteresting seasons tied with others. Then add any seasons from other teams above that until the record.

          If you want to build that list, it would be great. It's a CSV file with two columns: the number of home runs and the team.

    1. He only threw 21 pitches last night. The shorter turnaround might be an issue, but he's thrown 21+ pitches in an outing and pitched the next day 5 times this season. What might have hurt him more today was the unusual circumstance of suddenly coming into the game when it appeared Berrios would get through 8 no problem. Rogers had all the time he needed to get ready, but it still was a big change in his routine, which can have an effect on relievers.

      1. That was my thought, the weird warm-up may have thrown him off plus pitching the previous day. He was out a few days because of back issues and I guess they're gone but I doubt completely.

        1. The warm-up could have been an issue. If it was, though, I'd have expected him to struggle right away and then get better. Instead, he retired the first two batters rather easily, then struggled. That seems to me more of an issue of tiredness.

          1. I imagine there is a good chance he'll miss his next start because of that, but, if you want to put a positive spin on it, it's nice to know that the only reason he struggled in the eighth is because he had a blister.

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