24 thoughts on “June 24, 2019: Computater”

  1. So, homemade ice cream... significantly better than (almost) every store bought version out there. I used a recipe from Salt & Straw’s cook book that is widely shared on the inter webs (and published in the week magazine...) for the base to which I added a bunch of vanilla bean innards. This is the best tasting, smoothest ice cream I’ve ever had. Dr. Chops only complaint was that it didn’t have chocolate covered pretzels in it. Next time Dr.

    The only tips that I have are repeated all over the internet. Whatever ice cream maker you’re using (I used the kitchen aid bowl and attachment) make sure it’s totally, completely frozen before you begin, and make sure your base is really, truly cold before you start. The other tip is to start the machine churning before you add the base. Very important as the base will freeze immediately making churning impossible and nothing will save the batch.

    1. We went strawberry picking yesterday (woohoo for paying them to do the labor for them) and picked 13 pounds. Think I might need to make some ice cream out of some of that. (I've got the kitchen aid bowl as well.)

  2. getting on a plane to southern Cal today. I haven't even gotten the suitcase out yet, but somehow the cats know.

  3. I was actually having problems with old music too; songs had been disappearing from my phone's library. You could still see them, but if you tried to play them, the text would turn gray and it would go to the next song. In some cases whole albums were gone. The old computer had died, but thankfully the hard drive doesn't seem like it was affected. I was able to move my data to the new computer and sync up the phone again. Was worried it was a larger problem, but that seems to have put everything back on.

    1. That is fantastic and twisted.

      I gotta say, however, that if Forky identifies as male, and he mates with a knife, that sure sounds like a same-sex relationship. Or maybe a fork-spoon hybrid represents two parts of a fork-spoon-knife trinary species, like in Poul Anderson's Three Worlds to Conquer.

  4. You may have seen this on my FB page but I'll post here as well....

    I am on the Cycles for Change Board of Directors. Cycles for Change does a lot of work promoting bicycling to kids who typically don’t have access to biking, including people of color, LGBTQ youth, immigrants, and refugees. They have learn to ride classes and teach kids how to take care of their bikes. They also take old bikes, fix them up and sell them for real cheap to families who normally can't afford a bike. How cool is that?

    So here's the pitch: As with all small non-profits, they need $$$. On Saturday, June 29 Cycles for Change is having a bike and bbq event. Twenty Mile bike ride and lots of food to go with. Now you don't have to participate. I'm doing that for you. But since I'm taking this on for you, perhaps you could sponsor me with a couple of dollars. Below is a link if you would like to sponsor me on the bike ride. Even a few dollars would be a big help.

    Thanks, let me know if you have questions.


    1. Been there, done that.

      I'm continually gratified by the good works so many Citizens do. Truly, WGOCommunity

    1. Maybe it's just been a long day, but sometimes I find myself watching those clips and letting them repeat again and again...

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