2019 Game 79: Tampa Bay Rays vs Minnesota Twins

Charlie Morton
Jake Odorizzi

Former league ERA leader faces current league ERA leader. Odorizzi had two bad starts against against the Royals but he's done with them until at least August. His last start against the Rays went well, his last scoreless start. Magill tried to blow it after but didn't fully succeed.

Morton meanwhile was the starter in the blowout loss to the Rays. The Twins have gone 14-9 since then, an only 90-win pace.

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    1. Sounds like me. The coach would yell, "Run hard!" And I'd say, "I am running hard, I'm just not going very fast."

  1. Looks like Rocco soured on Jake Cave and the Bad D in center a lot faster than the previous regime.

      1. Last year, in over 300 plate appearances, Cave had an OPS+ of 114. I don't think he's anything great, but he's better than he's shown at the plate so far this season.

        1. No doubt he’s somewhere in the middle. Still, I’m glad the Twins didn’t listen to the segment of the fanbase that was all fired up about moving Kepler to first and making Cave the primary right fielder.

          1. Or the segment that was fired up about playing Cave in center and getting rid of "Buston".

      1. Dick & Bert were making light of this exact situation earlier in the broadcast. Arraez has been taking flies in the outfield, and so has Sanó, apparently. Gibson was also mentioned as a “natural” outfielder.

  2. Hi everybody!

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  3. I did suggest in the recap that the Twins should bring up an outfielder. Looks like that would've been a good idea.

    1. And don't get me wrong. I don't think any of the Rochester outfielders is ready to play in the bigs yet. But as the Twins proved a few years ago, you need to have at least three actual outfielders on your roster.

    1. I think they mentioned earlier that Buxton was taking swings, so hopefully he'll be back soon.

      1. can I just say how much I hate the sac bunt this early in the game, with a runner in scoring position and no outs?

        1. Chance at scoring at least one run goes from 61% to 66% while expected runs goes down from 1.46 to 1.36 runs. Scoring two or more runs stays the same while three or more drops.

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