Game 81: The Twins Close Out The First Half At Chicago White Sox

52-28. That's where the Twins are today. And they're either going to be 52-29 or 53-28 after the first half of games. I'm struggling to find their best first half ever, but this has to be somewhere towards the top, right? Anyway, good for them. And for us.

After a loooong loss yesterday, I think there's some concern about how the Twins will bounce back. A weekend trip to Chicago hopefully serves as the refresher. Berrios on the mound should help. It'll be hot this weekend, and hopefully the bats take a hint from the weather.

Anyway, it's my youngest's birthday today, so I'd better go finish up her cake (inspired by one of Jeff A's cake pictures here on the site - the rainbow one). Let's hope the Twins can deliver a birthday present for her!

42 thoughts on “Game 81: The Twins Close Out The First Half At Chicago White Sox”

  1. Assuming I set my Play Index filters right, here’s the Twins’ best W/L records in the first half (min. 50 wins):

    Year W/L Pct
    1969 59-37 .615
    2001 55-32 .632
    1970 54-28 .659
    1965 53-29 .646
    1992 53-34 .609
    2008 53-42 .558
    2019 52-28 .650
    1977 50-42 .543
    2002 50-39 .562

    When your Twins roster favorably compares to 1969, 1970, & 1965, you’re doing something right.

  2. Pitch 3 was on the bottom of the box, called a ball. Pitch 4 was on the black outside, called a strike.

  3. It's really fun on a Friday evening to sit in a hotel room in the dark while listening top a whole bunch of other people having fun in a nearby pool.

  4. AC guy just left, we're cooling again! Heat index of over 100 here in Omerha and a perfect day for the ac capacitor to go bad.

  5. I think the biggest part of this game was that Berrios gave us a chance to win... the next two games, since everyone but Morin got a much needed day off.

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