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Game 82: twins @ white sox

Happy Buxton day!

That's right, our long nightmare is over. Byron Buxton has returned. It's hard to overstate how much better having our favorite fleetfooted fielder back helps matters, but let me try...

With Buxton, we are basically assured of winning the World Series. Without him, we'd be hard pressed to stay out of the cellar.

Marwin is back, too, and I've got to say, he was missed quite a bit, too. Having a guy who can play six positions while providing a bit of power and fair contact skills adds a lot of value. GGettingboth of these guys back on the same day makes this team a LOT better, instantly.

As Philo noted, Berrios did his job of giving the bullpen a break yesterday, now it's time to capitalize with a nice winning streak heading into the all star game.

71 thoughts on “Game 82: twins @ white sox”

  1. I will say that "Drill Sergeant" seems like a slight step up from "Carnival Barker". I haven't heard it nine thousand times yet, though.

  2. White Sox really are running a DH out there with a batting average starting with "0"? They would be better off with a Tyny DH.

  3. Switching to radio feed to listen to Dan talk about catching the foul ball for the next 3 innings.

    1. It's nice to finally have a signing that I liked at the time turn out the way I thought it would.

  4. Meanwhile, the orioles have outscored Cleveland 24-0 over the last 15 innings.

        1. I think if you're named player gets multiple dongers, you should get a point for each, but not 5, no. Unless you say they'll hit two.

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