28 thoughts on “July 3, 2019: Crashed”

  1. Our new A/C, a 2.5-ton Rheem, was installed yesterday. It had to pull a ton of humidity out of the air, but we finally dropped below 80° inside midway through supper. The Poissonnière slept much, much better, so we’ll call it a(n expensive) win.

    Hopefully we get a few more years out of the furnace. [knock wood]

  2. Sir, how is today's cuppa image not Alex Morgan? (We can pretend it's an espresso instead of tea)

  3. Tickets printed for tonight's game. The Boy and his GF arrived at about 1:30 last night from LaLa and are still sleeping it off. We plan to leave for Oaktown in early afternoon, park in Berkeley or some such, and grab a late lunch before heading to the warzone the Coliseum area.

    I am expecting Good Gibby tonight.

    Also, procured for tomorrow is a nice sized pork butt to smoke, peppers to roast, black beans, tortillas, cotija, salsa fixings (not any of that cooked or blended salsa, but a fresh recipe from my MiL's former housekeeper, involving grated tomatoes, onions, and peppers, and a dose of Knorr tomato bouillon -- authentic Mex/New Mex fare). So we are gonna celebrate 'Murican style with tacos and black beans.

      1. Buxton & Kepler still have legitimate grievances, I think. They’ve played better than both Springer & Brantley, and Meadows has been the DH in over 40% of his games. Tommy Pham would’ve been a far more defensible selection to represent Tampa Bay.

  4. Just came back with stuff to facilitate my 4th of July errands: weed-wacker string cartridges, weather stripping to Molly Hogan the torn gasket in our aging refrigerator (currently burning Jacksons each month on the elec. bill), and whilst buying gasoline (Premium) for the lawn mower, saw Byron Buxton make an awesome catch on GSTV. (Elder Hnos Coot says the premium will last longer in the mower before the inevitable spoil).

    1. Elder Hnos Coot says the premium will last longer in the mower before the inevitable spoil

      Never heard of that. Seems like rationalizing why it costs more.

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