85 thoughts on “Game 86: Twins at Athletics”

  1. The ol "score a run because bases are load then catcher's interference is called" TWINGO

  2. Twins are missing some good chances early on. Hope it doesn't come back to haunt them.

  3. This is where I complain about replay being used for anything other than home runs.

      1. On super slow motion replay, I agree. I kind of enjoy the human factor on plays life that, though. Replay takes the fun out of that part of the game.

  4. Never put a name in for the Spooky contest. I will take Kepler if its not too late.

    1. That had to be a hit and run call, right? I can't think of any other reason to put someone like Cruz in motion.

  5. After giving up thirty-eight runs yesterday, the DSL Twins gave up just two today. Unfortunately, they scored only one, so they still lost.

  6. "Drill Sergeant" isn't very good, but it's still less annoying than "Carnival Barker".

    1. I hope Topps or some baseball card company runs baseball cards with the player wearing those caps.

  7. Hilarious. 100-year old vet who threw out the first pitch is in the stands messing with his smartphone.

  8. One run may be enough for Berrios today, but I'd prefer not to put that to the test.

  9. I'm not down on an umpire if he misses a bang-bang play or misses a pitch by an inch. But I still like getting the calls right.

  10. Gameday is still in the last inning and is displaying roman next to the MLB logo. Was ist?

    1. He should think about delivering the damn fly ball is what.

      At least Adrianza came through with two outs.

      1. Semian looks like a stud player. He's good, but seems like he should be a superstar.

  11. Well, I will take that patience from Bux. That's three walks the last two games.

  12. Well, so much for this one. Wasted too many chances, and eventually it caught up to us.

  13. Since about the middle of June it's felt like something is a little off with the Twins, like they're just not quite right. Maybe they were just playing over their heads before and are coming down to earth, I don't know. But I sure hope the all-star break does them some good and they get back to being the team they were earlier.

  14. I sure put a jinx on Polanco by picking him. I think I just won't pick anyone the rest of the season.

  15. The CVS ad makes me wish there was one around here, so I could deliberately not patronize it.

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