82 thoughts on “2019 Game Eighty-eight: Texas at Minnesota”

  1. That is Sano's 5th career triple. Other players who have hit 5 triples in a Twins uniform include: Darrell Brown. Orlando Hudson, Jason Tyner, Tim Laudner, Dave McCarty, and others

            1. Ah, I see what you're pointing to:

              The problem for Reed, though, is that because he was not technically on the 25-man roster as the 26th man in a doubleheader, he’ll recover from that injury on the minor league injured list rather than the Major League injured list. Logic would seemingly dictate that a player injured while performing in a Major League game would rehab that injury while receiving the benefits of the MLB IL — that is, service time and MLB pay. That won’t be the case for Reed or future players who are injured while serving as the 26th man, though.

              What a confusing, crappy stipulation.

  2. I don't understand why teams with a 15-man bullpen use the reliever who pitched the day before first out of the pen rather than all the rested guys.

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