34 thoughts on “July 8, 2019: USWNT > USMNT”

  1. Only got 9 votes for half-baked hall. Tried to extend the poll through tonight, not sure if it worked. If you'd like to still vote you can try it on the voting page or send me an e-mail with your votes.

  2. So Stranger Things 3 - The Strangering

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    Non-Spoiler: Maya Hawke is exactly what I would imagine the offspring of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman to look like.

      1. I want to watch it, but I think I've got Philosofette talked into watching the whole series now, so we'll probably go back and start at the beginning and I'll be watching seasons 1 and 2 again before getting to 3.

    1. I did not know they were a thing. A Gattaca baby. Not a bad movie, pretty sure I saw it at least a couple times in high school.

    2. We're four episodes in.

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    3. I've never watched any Stranger Things. I got the impression back when it came out that the entire premise was "Sick 80s reference, bro!"

      Maybe that's unfair, but that's what it's become in my head.

      1. I made it through the first season. Started off pretty good, but couldn't keep steam towards the end, I thought. I've considered picking it up again, but I've already got a lot on my plate. Hopefully WR was phased out a bit in the subsequent seasons.

        1. I thought it maintained pretty well, and I remember some legit emotional impact in the final Season 1 episode. I think Season 2 lacked the same level of impact, but was still compelling.

          The 80's stuff really did nothing for me, and some of the material was retreads of familiar themes, but I thought the execution was solid and the characters were compelling, and that makes for some emotional payoff.

      2. I don't really feel that way while watching. It's very much an 80's atmosphere with 80's tropes, and there's not a ton of depth, but it does cheesy horror well.

      3. It's fun, kinda cheesy, with some intense thrills. It's harmless television entertainment, there's about 200 things worse out there you could be watching.

    4. The Mrs. and I watched the first two episodes last night. Looking forward to more tonight, so I'm avoiding spoilers as much as possible.

  3. Took our friends to the Headwaters, and now going to visit Paul and Babe in Brrmidji. And in between in the car rides they've been plied with all sorts of MN trivia.

    1. St. Urho's just down the road in Menahga - and ask around if anyone's got the sauna fired up.

        1. I saw your picture posted and could literally (virtually?) feel myself bracing for walking on those slippery rocks. I almost commented on it.

          1. I found it much easier to just wade across. I don't ever remember a time when there weren't rocks above the water level all the way across. Could not wear tennis shoes this time around.

    2. Which family member wore a l ❤️ NY t-shirt at the headwaters? No walleye dinner for you!

    1. Full report please. I think she's in a crossroads in career. Not sure if she is even on a label these days. Hasn't toured much, although the Chicago gig is a start of a 6 week or so tour, so maybe things are coming together for her.

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