Game 90: Twins at Tribe – The Real Fun Begins

The Twins started the season with 3 games against the Indians. They won two of the three, and started their season off on the right foot. So there's some poetic scheduling happening here that they would start the 2nd half at Cleveland. A few wins would be a tremendous boost for the season. Nothing will really be decided this weekend, but man oh man does it feel like it.

So here we go. Do we have some real champs on our hands? This is where the fun begins. Sit down, buckle up, and let's enjoy the ride!

88 thoughts on “Game 90: Twins at Tribe – The Real Fun Begins”

    1. I was trying to explain the nickname. I'll take the point if the commish is feeling generous.

  1. If Gibson is our #3 starter at the end of the season I have no hope for any kind of playoff success.

    1. A pitcher on a bad day does look bad. I'm not sure who the #3 starter would be right now. Gibson, Pineda, and Pérez all have similar ERAs and FIPs. None of them have positive WAAs though. It's as if the Twins have a #1, #2, and three #4s.

  2. Doesn't appear that any of the June problems have magically gone away after an all star break. Ugly ugly ugly.

    1. My wife and buddy and I are participating in the Minneapolis Triathlon tomorrow morning as a relay team, otherwise I’d have one wit ya!

  3. Despite all the good things that happened in that inning, that was an atrocious at bat by marwin.

  4. That's a hideous bike jersey, but I'm still upset it's at the game the day after I'll be there.

    1. The hitting is amazing, but I'm kind of most impressed with his improvement behind the plate.

      1. Me, too. He's looked competent behind the plate. With the way his bat's been this season, that's all you need.

        After last year, "competent" is a huge step up.

        1. Yeah, he's at least average now behind the plate. Pretty significant that he started the first game back after the break against a RH pitcher that's been dominating righthanders.

  5. Hi everybody!

    Contrary to the national news, were still alive. Smoking a bunch of brisket and watching the twins. Best 3 day weekend evah.

    1. Mmmm, brisket.

      I did another rack of ribs last weekend and I nailed it this time. They fell right off the bone and had a terrific crust on the outside. I balls the snake method.

      1. I'm currently using the anyway I can get this meat to temp method. It's been a crazy weather day. Spent part of the day in a pool like it was any hot weather day, and then spent the rest of the day preparing for the apocalypse. All the while the brisket was smoking away.

  6. Rogers earns the Twins’ first back-to-back 6+ out saves since Rick Aguilera in 1990. That’s a long time, with some pretty good closers in between Rogers & Aggie.

  7. I adore the decision to leave Rogers on for the ninth. Getting the win in game one is huge.

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