July 13, 2019: All Baseball, All the Time

The jalapeño's baseball season came to an end last Monday with a loss in the first round of the playoffs. On Tuesday, he volunteered to be 3rd base coach at his brother's t-ball game, on Thursday he went to the championship game for a team a bunch of his friends were on, and last night he watched Field of Dreams for the first time. The season may be done, but the obsession lives on.

26 thoughts on “July 13, 2019: All Baseball, All the Time”

  1. Resin and Bengali are SixPoint champs, but NBBW just poured Tropical Jammer down the drain (Gose Style Ale Brewed with real fruit juice, a "Tangy Session Beer").

  2. I've got TB-BAL on and it's first and third with no outs for the O's in the fifth and some dude keeps yelling "bunt it!" That fan deserves a bad team to watch.

  3. Ok, this is freaky.

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