July 14, 2019: Bats of Steel Day

With Kepler's performance last night we have a new leader.

HJ 9
beau 8
nibbish 8
Philo 7
zoomx 6
rhubarb 5
free 3
twayn 3
BrianS 2
rowsdower 2
cheaptoy 2
davidwatts 2
DreadPirate 1
geoff 1
socal 1
sean 1
jeff 1

27 thoughts on “July 14, 2019: Bats of Steel Day”

  1. With 60 percent of the season over, MNUFC are one point out of second place in the MLS Western Conference.

  2. Twins trade for new bullpen arms, internally.

    1. this is usually the most cost-efficient way to acquire bullpen adequacy.

      Twins' starters have been good enough to limit the need for the pen. The Twins' pen has totaled only 285 appearances, (5th best) compared to a league average of 300 . As a consequence, the pen has not been overly taxed and we haven't seen the bottom end used that much of late. That and a bitchin' offense has meant the Twins are just below league average in Save Opportunities (33, compared to 34 -- NYY is an outlier leader at 49). But they lead the league in save rate at 82 pct (average is 64 pct). In Tyler We Trust.

      Weirdly, b-r rates the Twins' bullpen as 12th in the AL in Wins Above Average (-2.4; league average is -1.0), whereas Cleveland leads at +1.3. The starters are +0.4 (9th). So, I guess it really is the Bats of Steel that are driving success. By position (from C to RF and DH), the Twins WAA ranks are 1st, 4th, 3rd, 5th, 1st, 4th, 2nd, 3rd, and 1st. And PHs rank 1st as well. Maybe there is a reason we notice when the Assbats come out....

      Hopefully, Rocco won't Gene Mauch Tyler, so that he has some gas in the tank for the end of the season and the playoffs.

      1. also:

        Ryne Harper, 30-year old rookie signed as a FA off the scrap heap. I mean, Seattle didn't keep him! (presumably because of control issues -- 8.7:4.1 K:BB per nine at Tacoma in 2017 before he was released and signed with the Twins). Blake Parker and Matt Magill also were FA acquisitions in the last two years. So, out of the three signings, they got one clear success (Harper, so far), one groundskeeper (Magill) and one who triggers wailing and gnashing of teeth every time he enters a winnable game (Parker).

  3. Any word on Bux? He looked like he might have bounced his chin on the turf on that diving catch.

    1. Speaking of sauce, I'm strongly contemplating making a raspberry Chipotle hot sauce now that my raspberries are coming in.

  4. So..... got home tonight and found absolutely nothing on the telly. The wife and I decided to watch Stranger Things. 4 episodes into the first season in one night. As a guy who watched the X Files back in the day, I find Stanger Things to be very captivating and reminiscent of the X Files. Even the theme song is similar. Tough to walk away but I need sleep. Oh, good soundtrack. Peter Gabriel Heroes at the end of episode 3 was pretty good.

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