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  1. My wife and her sister are very very loosely kicking around the idea of them moving in with us. We'd go from 3 in the house to 8. The children would be 8, 4 &4 (twins), 2, and a newborn (coming next month).

    I love my family, and I see a lot of positives from it.

    But the noise, holy Jobu, the noise. On the other hand, with 3 other adults in the house to watch the children, that means a lot more garage time for little ol' me.

    1. Yeah, I struggle with the noise. I was the youngest child and the rest of my family were quiet birds, so once I stopped being loud, my life was very quiet until I had kids.

    2. Having lived with my in-laws for 2+ years, and having seen some similar arrangements for some of my other family members, my advice is: if you do it, make sure you have a clear plan in place, and can talk openly about how things are being handled. Especially with regard to raising children. Especially with regard to how you'll deal with kid noise and/or kid messes, etc. There were things that bothered my in-laws that I would let slide, or have been more patient about, that I didn't feel I could be given the living situation. Which led to me being a worse parent. If we'd have been able to sit down with some regularity and say "here is how we're raising our kids, what can we do to make X, Y, Z, work for you?" that would have been helpful. But we didn't do that at the start, and my in-laws are not the easiest people to talk to, nor the most open with their thoughts. There were some tense moments.

    3. My wife and her sister are very very loosely kicking around the idea of them moving in with us.

      Be nice to have your wife in the same house.

  2. Our family of 8 live in a 4 bedroom house. (We're converting a storage room to a 5th)
    We recently hosted another family of 8 for a night.
    We find a way.

  3. From an article on MLB proposing theoretical trades

    Minnesota gets: RHP Marcus Stroman and RHP Ken Giles

    Toronto gets: RHP Brusdar Graterol, SS Wander Javier, RHP Griffin Jax, OF Gabriel Maciel and LHP Ryley Widell

    A surge from the Indians combined with a slump from the Twins created something more closely resembling a legit race in the American League Central just before the All-Star break.

    But the Central itself isn’t all the Twins have to consider at this Deadline. Are they good enough to advance in a top-heavy AL with two powerhouses in Houston and New York? And how will they address the rotation at season’s end, when Jake Odorizzi, Michael Pineda and Kyle Gibson are free agents?

    Enter Stroman, who would bring both swagger and an additional year of control to the Twin Cities. Giles is also under team control through 2020 and would allow some of the arms in the 'pen to slide into lower-leverage roles.

    The Twins have enough pieces in their system to be aggressive in trying to nail down their first division title in nine years, and their Nos. 3 (Graterol, No. 50 overall), 6 (Javier), 23 (Jax) and 25 (Maciel) prospects would be nice building blocks for a Toronto team in transition. Graterol is reportedly off-limits in trade talks, but the market for Stroman should be competitive.

    Who says no? With few controllable starters available in this market and the majority of contenders in need of bullpen help, the Blue Jays might be able to hold out for a better offer.

    1. I have no idea if this is a good idea or not. I literally have not heard of any of the 7 players involved. But I'm interesting in what some of you think.

      1. I also don't know if its a good idea or not because I know nothing about the minor leaguers. But, I'd say both Stroman and Giles would look pretty good in a Twins uniform.

        1. I have also heard that Graterol may be untouchable but if you can help now and the future, the Twins may have to pull that trigger.

        2. I'd say Graterol and Javier is a heavy price to pay.

          Graterol could be with the big club as early as next year. 100+ fastball and 87/88-mph slider combination makes him sound like a right-handed F-Bomb. He's done well in his step up to AA this year, during his age-20 season.

          Stroman is in his age-28 season. His ERA+ has yoyo'd between terrible and excellent, but his FIP has been pretty steady in the 3.70-3.90 range for the past 4 seasons. He's a little guy (5'7", 180). I question his long-term. And Toronto would be selling high since his ERA+ is on a high and he made the AS game this year. Heavy ground ball pitcher, so maybe he's more durable than he looks. Relies heavily on his curve.

          Giles is also in his age-28 season. Toronto would be selling high on him as well, as he's been nearly untouchable after being bad last year (injuries??). Extreme power arm out of the bullpen (career 12.2:2.7 K:BB per nine).

          I'm not super high on chasing closers on the trade or FA market, but this package might be enough to give up Graterol's huge potential.

          Giles is arb-eligible next year and, unless he collapses, is gonna get a lot more expensive than his current $6.3 million. Stroman is also arb-eligible and likely to get a lot more expensive than his current $7.4 million.

      2. I read an article about Graterol being off-limits (mlb trade rumors, I think) and it definitely left me wondering, because there seemed to be some pretty divergent opinions about him. I'm guessing the Front Office sees something very specific in him that they like.

        I like the idea of Stroman and Giles. Stroman is short, so that's cool!

    2. The more I think about it, the more I think it's unlikely that the Twins will make a major trade. They may pick up some useful but not flashy bullpen help, but that's about it.

      I could be wrong, but from what I've read and seen, Falvey and Levine are trying to play both a short-term and a long-term game simultaneously. They're willing to do things that will help the team now, but not if they'll hurt the team's chances of contending in the future. They have no interest in doing what the Marlins did a couple of times, going all-in for one championship and then tearing it all down and rebuilding. They're trying to build a team that will contend for several years to come.

      And the more I think about it, the more I'm on board with that plan. Yes, it would be fun to see them make a strong move to win it all now. But the first decade of this century was a pretty fun one for Twins fans, even if we did always end up losing to the Yankees. I wouldn't mind seeing that done again. And maybe this time it could be done better. Maybe this time we could even beat the Yankees in the playoffs for a change.

      I realize the Twins could announce a major trade in the next ten minutes and make this all look like nonsense. But that's how I see it right now, and I'm okay with it.

      1. Yes. As frustrating as it was to lose so many first-round playoff series or play-in games, the early 2000s were fun seasons to be a fan.

        I would love to have another WS title to brag on, but not at the cost of multiple below-500 campaigns where they have clearly no chance to make the playoffs. I want to see them competing for division titles more often than not.

        1. I've realized that being a championship or bust fan is just a way to let sports give you more stress than you really need.

        2. 2001-2010 rejuvenated my love for baseball.

          Trivia question: name the only player on all 10 teams during that time

  4. Have any of the lawyers on here listened to the Revisionist History episodes on the LSAT, law schools, and successful lawyers? It's pretty interesting.

    Episodes: Puzzle Rush and Tortoise and the Hare.

    I've always thought that employers are pretty bad at knowing which candidates to hire. This addresses the issue in the law field.

      1. Not to spoil too much, but at the end they talked to someone about market inefficiencies in hiring at law firms and compared it to Moneyball.

  5. If anyone was pining for Zach Wheeler, time to cross him off the list.

  6. Do we still have a request line for the DJs? Who are they these days, anyway?

    I've been out of the loop for far too long.

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