Third Monday Movie Day: Summer Flicks

Has everyone been getting their fair share of movies in over the summer so far? Do think you see more or less movies in the summer what with all the new content?

Also, hey, what else have you been watching?

51 thoughts on “Third Monday Movie Day: Summer Flicks”

  1. Went to a screening of Star Wars: A New Hope last night in Minneapolis with friends from college. Was a great time. That movie has a few more glaring issues than I recalled, but it's been a long time since I watched it. It was good, but I just don't see how it'll have the legs to generate a franchise with sequels/prequels, etc.

  2. Into the Spiderverse was a great movie. I loved it.

    Endgame was the rare 3 hour movie that didn't feel like it to me. I actually saw it in theaters, which I rarely do, but this was one I really wanted to see on the big screen.

  3. Saw Us. Didn't like it as much as Get Out. Too much exposition, too much intensity, not enough suspense building. Still, more movies from Jordan Peele please.

  4. Took the kids to see Toy Story 4 the other weekend. Plenty of enjoyment to be had by all.

    I also picked up Upgrade from the library this weekend and really enjoyed it. Its a pretty neat idea and the fights scenes were well done. Pretty violent, as a heads up, though not as relentlessly so as, say, a John Wick movie.

    I've also been re-watching Deadwood. It is still great.

    1. Deadwood: I only ever made it through the 1st episode, but saw that the movie was out and determined to have a go at the series before watching the movie. I did that for Serenity and was a happy man.

  5. * Went to Toy Story 4 with Newbish. It was his first movie in theaters. The wife and I were a little concerned that he might not have the attention span for it, but those fears were completely unfounded. He was in awe of the whole experience (particularly the part where we let him eat a crapton of candy and popcorn), so I'd be happy to take him to something else sometime soon. As for the movie, I liked the slightly lowered stakes, and Key and Peele were awesome.

    * The wife and I had a kid free day and managed to watch a movie that was neither animated, nor about superheroes. We picked Yesterday, and while it's not amazing or anything, it was charming, low key, and had an ending that went in a direction that I didn't expect (and thus, really enjoyed). Good music, decent laughs, and a completely nonsensical plot that breaks down if you think about it too much -- so don't think about it too much.

    * I made up for the distinct lack of superheroes later that week by seeing the new Spiderman flick. It was a lot of frenetic fun. All of the trippy scenes with Mysterio were great, and Jaek Gyllenhall continues to be a reliable source of good performances. Probably second tier Marvel (behind stuff like Ragnarok, Endgame, and Winter Soldier) for me.

    * We binged the heck out of Stranger Things in the past week. I think it's my favorite season. It steps up the tension and the humor at the same time.

    1. I agree 100% what you said about Yesterday.

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  6. I really want to get to Book Smart. I've heard good things about it.

    Spiderman- Far From Home had a similar feel to Homecoming. I liked Homecoming better but it was still pretty enjoyable. It will be interesting to see where the post - credits scenes take us moving forward.

  7. Saw TS4 on Saturday and the new Spidey the week before.

    Ok, so why are the blipped kids in the same grade as5-year older non-blipped kids?

    I thought the blip schtick was so that key characters did not age in the 5 years since. I was genuinely confused. If Brad is 5 years older and all buffed out, shouldn't he be in college? Same with Flash Thompson? Isn't he ACTUALLY over 21 and old enough to drink?

    Somebody has got some 'splainin to do.

    The unsnap brought everyone back after five years gone. But Spidey got snuffed, so why isn't he five years older? They are trying to have it both ways.

    Didn't stop me from enjoying the flick. I just think the Brad storyline does not make sense.

    1. I didn't pay much attention to whether Flash had blipped or not, so I can't answer that, but I think the deal with Brad is that Peter/Ned/etc. had only known him as five-year-younger Brad, so they were thrown off by how different he was (he was 12 when they were 17 and blipped, and now they're back and still 17 and he's 17 now too, and buff).

        1. I guess (since I can't remember if anything particular was said about Flash either way) the implication is that the kids who were in Homecoming and are still in Peter's class (Ned, MJ, Flash, Betty) must have blipped. Anybody who wasn't in Homecoming (like Brad) didn't blip. But if something specific was said about Flash not blipping, then that undercuts it.

  8. I still haven’t seen Endgame because I missed both Ant-Man movies and was instructed, spoiler-free, that I should get that done first. I haven’t located a chance to stream or rent the 1st one so... yeah. I’ve managed to avoid major spoilers, but it’s been so long since I watched Infinity War that I’m also gonna have to rewatch that before picking the final up. Oh, and the new Spider-Man with the kid; need to see that one too I give up.

    1. I would second who ever told you to see the Ant-Mans (Antmen? No, it's the same Antman multiple times, not multiple people).

      I have seen Infinity War a half-dozen times and I still watched it the day before I saw Endgame just so I'd be up to date.

    1. Thanks for the Rec... Watched the first 5 episodes last night. Wonderful stuff. I've already been tempted to use "Pitter Patter"
      (We recently swapped our NetFlix subscription for a Hulu one, for a change of pace.)

  9. If any of y'all haven't watched "The Detectorists" (seasons 1-2 used to be on NetFlix, all 3 are on Hulu), a BBC show about metal-detector enthusiasts.
    Starring Toby Jones (that British actor with a big head that's been in a lot of things you've seen) and Mackenzie Crook (Gareth from the UK "The Office").
    As a birder and mushroom-hunter, I found so much of it quite relatable.

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