July 16, 2019: Vulnerable

After taking care of the boy in MN all week, then spending time here, grandma is going home today. It reminds of that line in Band of Brothers: “Well, goodbye, air support...”

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  1. I may not be around later, so I'll just say that random.org has given me Jake Cave again. Randomness must really like him.

    1. Starting line ups not posted. I will take Garv Sauce. If he is not starting I will take Castro.

            1. No, I'll stick with my first choice. I'll likely regret it later, but regrets, I've had a few.

  2. David Schoenfield has a Noah Syndergaard recommendation for the Twins, but those are big prospects in return that he's throwing out there. I thought his summary about the Twins so far was close to spot-on:

    The Twins have no glaring weaknesses. Entering Monday, they led the AL in runs per game, just a hair better than the Yankees and Red Sox. Minnesota had the fewest blown saves at any point of a game in the majors with just six (Rocco Baldelli's handling of the bullpen has been one of the underrated keys to the season). The rotation ranked second in the AL in ERA behind only Tampa Bay. The Twins have a chance at the best record in the AL and home-field advantage -- and I would think avoiding a potential Game 5 or Game 7 at Yankee Stadium or Minute Maid Park is something to push for.

    Mets already have a good second baseman, otherwise Schoop would have been a fine throw-in.

    1. I mean, really, spending as little time in Minute Maid park as possible is always a worthy goal.

      The price does seem steep, though.

    2. The Twins are pretty set for the middle of the infield now and in the future. I wouldn't mind trading Arreaz, if it meant keeping one of those high end prospects.

    1. Oof, I got caught in the rain for the second day in a row without an umbrella today. (Apparently I didn't learn my lesson after last night...) Missed the dancing manhole covers on Nicollet, though. At that moment, I was huddled outside the weird, former Army/Navy store at 1st Ave and 4th Street, waiting for the downpour to become slightly less of a downpour.

      1. I have a 7 or 8 block walk every day to and from my car, and got rained on a few times. So grabbed a tiny travel umbrella that I keep in my Banjo Bros messenger bag. It's saved my bacon a few times, though my shins still get quite wet since it's not very large.

        1. Wet shins are definitely still better than wet everything! Since I commute by bus, sometimes I don't want the added weight of carrying an umbrella, particularly given how often I'm shlepping a bunch of hardcover books from the library. But since I commute by bus, I'm also at risk for getting well and truly soaked!

          1. Luckily for me, shlepping a ton of books is not a hazard of the job. I can definitely see not wanting to have to wrangle an umbrella too

          2. I know this feeling. Being as unencumbered on the bus as possible is a delight. (I’m kind of amazed by how much other bus regulars will tolerate carrying, day-in & day-out.) The Poissonière & I have developed a routine of looking at the weather forecast on my phone every morning, so I usually know whether to take my umbrella. On days with a good chance of rain I keep it in the water bottle pocket of my Co-Pilot if I’m not carrying my lunch there, or place it sideways in the main compartment. We keep a kid-size poncho in the Poissonière’s backpack, just in case, and could snag her spare rain boots from her locker at school if it was pouring.

    2. ground was a little wet at noon, so didn't mow at lunch, but when I was just about done with work, the heavens opened up for 15 minutes, killing my opportunity to get the post-vacation lawn dealt with

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