Friday Music Day: Head Canon

Long ago, there was a song I enjoyed (and yes, this story would be greatly improved if I could remember the identity of the song) where I heard the lyrics to one key segment in a very specific way. M

later, I heard a live version of the song, where the singer enunciated the lyrics much more clearly, and I could hear what he was actually singing. Whereas the lyrics that I THOUGHT he'd been singing had been clever, the actual ones were juvenile and dull. It ruined the song for me completely.

So, tell me about instances where your head Canon outshines the real thing.

Or just drop your 10. It's still a thing!

16 thoughts on “Friday Music Day: Head Canon”

    1. the Boy and his gf also report that Midsommar itself is disturbing. Which means he liked it.

  1. 1. It's Raining Again--Supertramp
    2. Laughter in the Rain--Neil Sadaka
    3. Alone Again, Naturally--Gilbert O' Sullivan
    4. Never My Love--The Association
    5. Song For You Far Away--James Taylor
    6. The Long and Winding Road--The Beatles
    7. Right Down the Line--Gerry Rafferty
    8. The Hard Way Every Time--Jim Croce
    9. Tiny Dancer--Elton John
    10. Honey Honey--ABBA

  2. 01. "Good Heels (feat. Jazmine Sullivan)" – Anderson .PaakVentura
    02. "wastes of time" – elvis depressedlynew alhambra
    03. "For You" – Tobias Jesso Jr.Goon
    04. "Lookout Joe" – Neil YoungTonight's The Night
    05. "Fort Nightly" – White RabbitsFort Nightly
    06. "The Morning Stars" – Hamilton Leithauser + RostamI Had A Dream That You Were Mine
    07. "Riding Dirty" – ObnoxLouder Space
    08. "Jade Visions (Take 2)" – Bill Evans TrioSunday At The Village Vanguard
    09. "Dead" – They Might Be GiantsFlood
    10. "Spark Plug" – StereolabEmperor Tomato Ketchup

    1. I'll see if I can come up with any as I work through my day.
      I seem to remember one on Prince's Purple Rain.

      P.S. I replied to your email.

      1. Saw that. Thanks.

        On that subject, there's one more email (on a different subject) from about a week or so before that one if you didn't see it...

  3. 1. Kelis “Song for the Baby” Flesh Tone
    2. Dan Deacon “Snake Mistakes”* Spiderman of the Rings
    3. Low “Monkey (Album Version)” Tonight the Monkeys Die: Low Remixed
    4. Beastie Boys “Fight For Your Right”* Solid Gold Hits (Clean)
    5. Alice Coltrane feat. Pharoah Sanders* “Something About John Coltrane” Journey in Satchidananda

    6. Lykke Li “Sadness Is a Blessing” Wounded Rhymes
    7. Tracey Thorn “Night Time”* Night Time EP
    8. Björk “Triumph of a Heart” Medúlla
    9. Massive Attack* “Splitting the Atom” Heligoland
    T. Sylvan Esso “PARAD(w/m)E” PARAD(w/m)E

    2. One of two Dan Deacon tracks I've kept on my iPod. I just love this one:
    "Why won't these bees leave me alone? / I hate them bees." and
    "My dad is so cool he is the coolest dad in dad school he does not break any dad rules he will pick you up if I ask him to."

    4. I don't believe this song had any edits to it. "Porno mag" is still there.

    5. Full-album feature credit for Sanders, one of two with Ms. Coltrane. The other being the previous year's Ptah, the El Daoud, which also features Joe Henderson.

    Just realized Sanders is still alive and touring at age 78. There's someone I should try to see if he even plays as near as Kansas City, Chicago, or St. Louis. Only playing 4 dates in Europe this summer and one in North Carolina; all festivals

    7. The xx cover. With her husband and EBTG bandmate Ben Watt on guitar for their first recording together this century (but not their only... nope, he played on most tracks on her Christmas album Tinsel And Lights).

    9. With Horace Andy on vocals.

  4. * The Priest They Called Him - William S. Burroughs & Kurt Cobain - The Priest They Called Him
    * Blossom (Wasting All My Time) - Soccer Mommy - Clean
    * Zzyzx - METZ - II
    * Velvet - Ashley Bathgate - Kate Moore: Stories for Ocean Shells
    * Jungle Telegraph - Eels - Souljacker
    * North American Ballads: Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues - Frederic Rzewski - Rzewski plays Rzewski: Piano Works 1975-1999
    * Crow's Nest - Screaming Females - Ugly
    * Going Out - Hospitality - Trouble
    * Low Down Rolling Stone - Gary Clark Jr. - This Land
    * Little Blimp - The Joy Formidable - Wolf's Law

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