32 thoughts on “July 19, 2019: Apollo XI”

    1. I remember watching it in our living room. We had this ginormous piece of furniture -- tv "built in" with stereo speakers on either side and a turntable on one side, record storage on the other. Don't recall whether the tube was b&white or color by then (I remember it being repaired/replaced at least once).

      It was, in the words of former VP Uncle Joe, a big effing deal.

  1. Just a note on the 1962 Twins, next on the HR Parade in the left column (which hasn't been updated yet):

    • HR leaders were: Killebrew 48 (1), Allison 29 (t8), Versalles 17, Power 16, Rollins 16, Green 14, Allen 12, Battey 11, and 9th man Mincher had 9
    • Pitchers hit 5: Pascual 2, Kralick 2, Kaat 1
    • 5 Pinch HRs: Mincher 2, Banks 1, Lemon 1
    • 6 Grand Slams!: Mincher 2 (t2), Power 2 (t2), Allison 1 (t6), Killebrew 1 (t6)
    • Versalles hit 13 of his 17 at home, Harmon 28 of his 48 on the road, the rest were closer to 50%
    • none of the HR were inside-the-park
    • 168 of their HR came against RH pitching, only 17 came against LH!
    1. The team was extremely right handed (Bernie Allen was the only left handed hitting regular) and the five-man rotation wasn't firmly established yet, so many teams avoided pitching southpaws against them.

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