71 thoughts on “Game 97: A’s at Twins”

  1. A's tv guys were talking about Tony O. Fosse with a great story about how Tony had this timing mechanism where he back-swung at the beginning of the delivery and knocked Fosse's glove off. Fosse said he had to start keeping his glove on the ground to avoid it.

    Also said Tony once threw him out at the plate by 15 feet. Heh.

      1. I’m making tatchoes. Red chili, whatever protein was in the freezer(pig I think), cheese, creek chili sour cream, and lots of beers. Yeah, dr. Chop is out of town, what’s it to you?

  2. I'll have you guys know that that was exactly as annoying in person.

    Also, it would have been less annoying if the frickin offense would do something.

  3. 54.4% win expectancy to zero in one pitch. Intentionally walking Rosario lowered the win expectancy for the Twins by a small amount and we got, uh, lucky enough to be one of the reasons why.

  4. Why didn't Cave run for Garver in the 8th if he was coming in to play right field anyway? He would have made it to third on the single and scored on the Cruz groundout.

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