35 thoughts on “July 20, 2019: It’s Like A Heat Wave”

  1. I used to love hot weather, but as I get older, I can't take it as well. I still prefer it to cold, but what I really want is about eighty degrees, low humidity, and light winds. Of course, where I live, we get about one day like that every year.

  2. Game Recaps and Minor Details are going on hiatus for a few weeks. Next week Mrs. A has a round of doctor appointments, and when you live in the middle of nowhere like we do a doctor appointment is a time-consuming thing. The following week we're going on vacation for a couple of weeks. My plan is to bring both features back sometime around the middle of August.

    If someone wants to fill in, they're more than welcome to. Otherwise, I recommend you go to Twins Daily, which provides game recaps and daily minor league summaries, although for some reason they don't cover the Dominican Summer League. I plan to have the birthday list ready to go before I leave, although some entries may simply be reprints from last year.

  3. I'm hearing that Don Mossi just died.

    "Don Mossi was the complete, five-tool ugly player. He could run ugly, hit ugly, throw ugly, field ugly, and ugly for power. He was ugly to all fields. He could ugly behind the runner as well as anybody, and you talk about pressure... man, you never saw a player who was uglier in the clutch." - Bill James

    Or as the recently deceased Jim Bouton said, "Don Mossi looks like a cab going down the street with its doors open."


    1. Those ears!

      He had some solid seasons. In today's game, he would have made tens of millions of dollars. When he retired from baseball, he moved to Ukiah and got a job in a factory.

  4. I wish I had thought of this a day or two ago, but I decided in going to try to reply to any tweet praising Aaron Boone with Charlie Morton's strikezone map from the first couple innings.

      1. It might be more just the Twins decided Duffey and Littell were better than guys out of options. They're going with the best pitchers right now instead of worrying about losing marginal players off the 40-man.

  5. Question: east and west bank green line stations are closed. Would it be easier to still park at union Station and bus between stadium village and is bank Station or take the blue line from MoA?

    1. Nevermind, I don't know why we were even actually debating it. We're gonna take the blue line and not bother with any transfers. I just hope we're not flying to close to the sun with Ikea right there....

  6. My step dad went to say hi to TL before the pregame started, but I didn't have the courage to tell him to not do the game broadcast anymore.

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