July 21, 2019: Freezy Creamsies

As designated by President Ronald Reagan, it's National Ice Cream Day.

What do you call one sphere of ice cream?

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24 thoughts on “July 21, 2019: Freezy Creamsies”

  1. I'll be kind of busy this morning, so I'll just note that random.org gave me C. J. Cron for today.

    1. Been watching what I can this weekend. What a beautiful course. I was really hoping this would be the day that Fowler breaks through, but it is not looking good for anyone except Lowry.

  2. So I went to the club to swim - Sunday morning's the place is packed with sticks (serious swimmers).

    I finished a lap and there's a guy in the whirlpool who is shouting something at me. I don't have my glasses on, and with my swim goggles on can't lip read what he is saying.

    He: I'm a go fer too.
    Me: Whaa?
    He: I'm a go fer too!
    Me: It's really loud in here, what's that?
    He: I'm a go fer too (pointing at his head).
    Me: (smiling) O.K. Right...
    (then I realize he is referring to my swim cap with the U of M M on it.
    Me: Oh, right buddy, we're both Gophers!

  3. Day game, Citizens. I am on my way to the gym, but Polanco with the first inning RBI double.

    Game log?

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