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  1. Loved seeing members of Hugs From Dads and Hugs From Moms at the gates welcoming people to Target Field tonight but it's heartbreaking that those organizations need to exist.

    1. This is a very personal issue to me having a LGBT teenager. We open our home to LGBT at risk kids - which here in the heart of conservative LDS Utah there are way too many LGBT kids kicked out of their homes and feeling rejected. I hate organized religion for a lot of different reasons - but their bigoted treatment of LGBT youth is towards the top of the list.

              1. Thirded.

                "Organized" religions vary, of course. But too many have mirrored the prejudices of our society instead of encouraging our better nature.

  2. A couple things. I saw CH's mention that he made chicken Chile Verde last night, and it made me crave some. I was going to try it with pork, but chicken quarters are unreasonably cheap at mah local pig right now, so I made it that way. So good.

    Second, Homemade ginger beer makes for a wonderful Moscow mule.

    1. It's almost like you shouldn't walk the lead off hitter after being ahead in the count.

      1. I don’t mind him getting punished for such things. I do mind being punished for it because I have to watch him do it to my favorite team.

  3. Are they allowed to call third strikes against the Yankees? Ump must be a new man or something.

  4. Twins starters' innings pitched are "Seventh fewest in the American League". Doesn't that put them right about in the middle? Why not say it that way?

  5. Buxton can’t catch a break with his body. They’re saying he’s unavailable because he had three wisdom teeth removed over the weekend.

    1. Dammit, now he's gonna end up missing another series because they didn't just take all four.

  6. I think we need to do things to avoid ever having the bases loaded. Take wild chances on the bases. Try to steal home. Something. The bases loaded is not a scoring situation for us.

    1. Maybe the Twins should trade Gibson to every opponent before the series, then re-acquire him before they play their next series. Repeat as necessary.

      1. Maybe the Twins should trade for a solid #3 starting pitcher that isn't a sure loss come October. FTFY

  7. Gibson realizes that you don't need to walk a guy after a double play to try and get a second DP right?

    1. Twins bases loaded 1 out = no real hope of a run

      Yanks bases loaded 2 out = no real hope Gibson gets 3rd out without giving up multiple runs

    1. It appears that they have listened to your suggestion and subscribed to your newsletter.

    1. You know what. I'm going to use my in-game Spooky on Rosario here. Don't make me lose any points Eddie.

  8. A no runs allowed inning against the yanks where you strike out Aaron Judge is a pretty awesome way to start your major league career.

    1. Every time I see a proposal at a ballgame I’m reminded of the time I saw a rejection of proposal at the metrodome. Poor dude was featured on camera for a long while while his row mates tried to console him.

          1. I’ve seen all brands of marital bliss* at O’hare.

            *some of it was borderline divorce territory.

  9. Second inning for Sourscratch. Not sure what I think about that after he got out of last inning with a Summary Judgement.

      1. Sure, and now he goes out with two scoreless. I was just saying there would have been something nice about ending his first outing with that nice K.

    1. Prior to this game, Parker had a 1.35 ERA in his previous 12 apps, 13.1 IP, with a 15/5 K/BB ratio and just 1 HR allowed. He was 1-0 with 4 holds, 1 save and no blown saves. This goes back to June 15. Whatever the Twins' problems have been, it's not been Blake Parker till tonight.

  10. Took the dogs out for exercise put the game on pause - just got up to live. So happy for the Stashek kid and his family.

    How bad do you have to be to be a Twins reliever that wasn't good enough to be kept in this bullpen ahead of Blake effing Parker?

      1. Or Morin or Magill. FIPs of 3.44 (but injured), 6.16, 4.50, and 4.32 respectively. Parker had a 5.33 FIP.

      1. Well - Buxton probably makes that catch - but also probably hits the wall making the catch in a way that lands him on the DL for another 10 days.

  11. I fucking hate the Yankees. I really want to win this game. But I'm so sick and tired of watching this bullpen blow leads. 8 to fucking 2 and we can't hold on.

      1. Baldelli left Gibson in too long. I mean - I get trying to let a guy finish the 5th inning and I also get he has mostly shit to work with out of the pen.

  12. By the way, that's a solo homerun against the A's. Rosario is definitely out.

  13. What a terrible pitch - after a bad walk.

    We need a starter - we need a closer.

    This is a lineup that can legit make a run in October - but not without significant pitching upgrades.

        1. No you didn't. Trae Rumors said we were cloning Parker and cutting everyone else.

  14. The body language of Larry Vanover (the crew chief) is great. He's getting more and more sick of the home plate umpire with each half inning.

  15. Its July 23rd - I don't get butterflies in my stomach for baseball games on July 23rd......

  16. Man, if I were the catcher, I definitely wouldn't be calling for a breaking ball. Not one of them has been even close.

  17. Well, crap.

    Also, why is MLB putting a professional woman in a babydoll dress and wedges on my screen? This isn't Skinemax.

    1. Yeah l, blue is going to have a conference call with graphs to show how shitty he is at his job. Days like this make me glad I don’t work in the public eye.

      1. I absolutely fucking hate him. He’s basically a representation of everything I hate about them. He was a marginal player who turned into fucking Babe Ruth once he got to New York. And of course is career OPS against the Twins is like 150 points higher than his normal career number. Before tonight.

  18. Welp. I’m going to join twayn in that this isn’t good for my health. G’night, boyos. Fuck the Yankees.

  19. As awful as Chapman was - he didn't fucking throw it to the backstop and give up a second run.

  20. This has been quite the roller coaster ride. Not getting my hopes up for a happy ending.

  21. We've already won this game with Bux. Or 1 more quality reliever. Or an ump who knows balls and strikes.

      1. Yeah surprisingly these guys don't bother me as much as they do others. Probably because I don't really listen - Im usually working or doing something with game on in the background.

        1. I honestly don’t mind Dick so much, but for some reason, Roy for more than half a game grates a bit.

          1. Yeah Roy is the one really getting on my nerves. He brings no value - no personality - no insight - just platitudes.

  22. If the Twins tie it, will MLB Extra Innings Lady parade a card with "13" on it like at the fights?

        1. I wish we had a former Yankee to torment them. But all we've got is Parker and Pineda.

  23. Well shit. That is a tough loss. Hicks with the hit and the catch to win.

    Our front office needs to do something. This team is too special to go get swept in October again with this

    Spoiler SelectShow

    pitching staff.

    1. They do need to do something, AND we still have the 4th best ERA in the American League. 11 other teams with bigger jokes of pitching staffs. Or it's the ball.

  24. I don't really like to curse, try not to do it very often, but this is with it.

    Fuck you Hicks. And I mean this in the nicest way possible

  25. Baldelli’s post-gamer was full of “I’m not mad, I am just disappointed” vibes which I find way better than Boone’s screaming.

    1. You have perfectly summed up my feelings on game log comments lately. BTW... should the front office do something about the bullpen? Cuz obviously, these guys who most MLB pundits fell are pretty darn smart, must be passing up tons of stud bullpen arm trade offers. I absolutely love the snarkiness of this site, but I dont quite get the daily rage about a team and front office that has far exceeded most of our preseason expectations. It boils down to this: this front office is never going to over pay for short term help. If there is fair value out there, they will pull the trigger. I thought last nights game was fun. Yankees and Twins bullpens both got taken to the woodshed. Hicks got sweet revenge. Sucked to lose but an exciting game to watch.

      1. That's about how I feel about it. I don't think this team is cowed by the Yankees at all, and that's mostly what I was hoping for out of the series. It would've been nice to win last night (man, that umpire sucked), but this offense showed that it will bite and claw and scratch to get back into big games.

        That said, I'd like Parker to be DFA'D asap

        1. Yes, Parker can go pound sand for all I care. It's not that I feel we can't all let loose on a player once in a while when they screw up. I guess I just kind of feel like the game log comments are veering towards a strib-like quality.

      2. For this game log specifically, I feel a lot of the rage is Yankee trauma. Twins are Charlie Brown and the Yanks are Lucy holding the football. Also, I'm rageful at any game that lasts until after midnight.

        I do worry we start to sound like Yankees fans, never satisfied no matter how good the team is and believing we should get the best players available.

        1. Its definitely Yankee trauma, no doubt. I was having trouble getting logged in to be able to watch the game last night, so I was following along on gameday and there is just something extra infuriating about seeing the clean shaven Yankees mugshots.

        2. If this is a game against anyone but the Yankees, I’d be annoyed vs. incensed. It’s definitely Yankee trauma for me.

            1. The entitlement of the Yankee fans is definitely a huge part of it. I post on another site, and they were all whining about the blown calls “for both teams” and I about snapped. Y’all have won 70% of your games against the Twins for 17 years. “27 rings, bro.” Settle down.

              1. Entitlement mixed with whining. To hear Yankee fans tell it, their team hasn't gotten a break in years.

              2. You don't get it. The Yankees hitters are F'n savages!

                I wonder if that rant going viral doesn't make a bad ump tentative in ringing up one of their batters.

                1. Last night the marginal calls certainly seemed to trend a particular direction after Boone started barking at the rookie behind the plate.

        3. I get it regarding the Yankees. Absolutely despise them with the heat of a thousand suns.

          I do worry we start to sound like Yankees fans, never satisfied no matter how good the team is and believing we should get the best players available. This!

        1. Agreed. And though there was certainly the Yankees trauma going on last night, in the moment I certainly felt like it was more light-hearted. It was a heck of a game, and I felt like everyone was acknowledging that too. Maybe I was reading it wrong. I had fun though.

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