Game 102: Minnesota @ Chicago White Sox


Minnesota & Chicago have identical 3-7 records over their past 10 games and both have lost two in a row. The difference being, the Twins faced the Yankees, Athletics, Mets (derp) and Cleveland while Chicago managed that against the Marlins, Rays and Royals. On the season, Minnesota has scored 576 runs and given up 468 for a run differential of +108. The White Sox have plated 418 and given up 514 runs for a differential of -96.

So ... you're thinking this should be a bounce back game series after the heartbreaker on Tuesday and non-competitive start last night? We'll see - 24-year-old Chicago Ace and former 1st rounder Lucas Giolito has seemingly "figured it out" over 19 starts this year to the tune of 3.14 ERA, 1.092 WHIP, 134 K's in 112.2 innings pitched. He's leading his team in WAR at 3.8 (a full 'Win' ahead of their #2 player, catcher James McCann). All that said, 3 of his 4 losses have come in his past four starts (though the lone 'W' in there was against the Twins on June 30).

After watching Twins starters struggle mightily over the past 10 games (only Gibson secured a starter 'W'), it'd be nice to see José Berríos get the group back on more solid ground. Unfortunately, Berríos hasn't won a start since June 6 (1-3 w/ 4 no decisions) though he has had some nice games where the Ass Bats© did him no favors - he's had 5 or more runs of support only three times in that span. We can only hope that the seemingly awakened Bomba Squad continues to hit; José - and the club - could use a laugher.

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  1. Wow. Engel just ran out of the basepath into Schoop and Schoop gets called for interference

  2. on the grill skillet: Jerk marinaded chicken thighs, and sweet potato, black bean and corn salad. Wiseacre Ananda ipa to wash it down.

      1. I was locked in to cooking this, but being that the good doctor is over the big water I should have ordered out.

        1. I'd prefer to have the game unfold without filler comment. Roy is an idiot of the first order, but something about ii just gets under my fingernails. I'd like to clone Vin Scully for all broadcast crews, but I guess we've got to work with what we're given.

        1. Look, I feel for you most certainly because the spreadsheet software can't even handle the 1000 points I earned in a single night. Keep fighting for us little points earners, philo.

  3. I totally called Cruz' second home run. As he was coming to the plate, I said if I were him, I would be sitting on a first-pitch curveball, and that's exactly what he hit out.

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