FMD 7/26/19: Slow Down, You Move To Fast

Well, as of this week, we've made it through just about every major summer activity our family had planned. Baseball is done. Softball wrapped up. Other softball finished a little while ago. Vacation Bible School and other Vacation Bible School are completed. Summer Recreation has wound down. Family camping trip has been camped. Summer birthdays have been celebrated.

It's been a busy two months, and now we get to sit back and hopefully relax a little bit.

So let's talk relaxing songs today. Not just the slow ones, but the legitimate relaxing ones. Songs that seem to help your worries subside and increase the dopamine flowing to you brain, or however that biochemistry stuff works.

And drop a list if you got one.

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  1. 1. Terry Lynn & Johan Hugo* “Jamaican Girls (Clean Edit)” Red Stripe presents... It Was Written
    2. Tom Petty “You Wreck Me” Wildflowers
    3. The Shins “New Slang”* Garden State: Music from the Motion Picture
    4. Abul Mogard* “Drooping Off (edit)” Works
    5. Katy B “Crying for No Reason” Little Red

    6. The Jimi Hendrix Experience “The Wind Cries Mary” Are You Experienced?
    7. Bobby Bare Jr. “Things I Didn't Say”* From the End of Your Leash
    8. Nate Young “In the Shadow of” Volume One: Dilemmas of Identity*
    9. Elite Gymnastics “Omamori (Blood Diamonds Remix)” RUIN 4
    T. Eels “Fresh Feeling” Souljacker*

    E. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy “I Am Goodbye” Beware

    1. Johan Hugo a/k/a Radioclit, maybe known here from his work with Esau Mwamwaya as The Very Best.
    Listening to what I assume is the original on youtube, I don't know what was cleaned up.

    This song is probably one of the newest reggae tracks I have on my iPod, and it's nearly ten years old. Sigh... I miss knowing what was going on with Reggae and Dancehall.

    3. I think my life is the same.

    4. More consensus growing that Mogard's story is apocryphal. His true identity is still unknown.

    7. Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show cover, written by Shel Silverstein

    8. Ooh! Volume Two: Nightshade and Volume Three: Dance of the Weeping Babe have both been released.

    T. Unless something happened recently, this was the last good Eels album. And even here, it was probably enough for a mini-album, but filled out to full length. I tried following for another three albums, as songs like "I Like Birds", "Mr. E's Beautiful Blues", and "Flower" bought a lot of goodwill.

    1. BBjrs version of Things I Didn't Say runs laps around the Dr. Hook version. If you don’t get the pathos of that song, why even attempt it?

      1. Cause your friend Shel wrote it and a bunch of others for you. (He wrote or co-wrote every song on their first two albums IIRC. I don't know how it all worked.). Having first heard BBjr's version, I have to agree that it's far superior.

  2. 01. "Sober To Death" – Car Seat HeadrestTwin Fantasy
    02. "Proof" – Paul SimonRhythm Of The Saints
    03. "Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?" – PrincePrince
    04. "The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism" – The New PornographersMass Romantic
    05. "I Shall Be Free" – Bob DylanThe Freewheelin'
    06. "three beers deep crying at the metallica documentary" – absinthe fathergood enough
    07. "One That Suits Me" – Hop AlongBark Your Head Off, Dog
    08. "Cannonball" – Brandi CarlilieThe Story
    09. "Who'd You Kill Now" – Frightened RabbitThe Midnight Organ Fight
    10. "Together" – Rockie RobbinsPurple Snow: Forecasting The Minneapolis Sound

  3. * Be Good to Yourself - Erika Wennerstrom - Sweet Unknown
    * Rant - Exploded View - Obey
    * Neuromancer - EMA - The Future's Void
    * Neverland - The Knife - Silent Shout
    * Dry and Dusty - Fever Ray - (self-titled)
    * little i - Tin Hat - the rain is a hansome animal
    * Wet Blanket - METZ - (self-titled)
    * Prospects of Misplaced Year: IV. Palindromic Queue - Friction Quartet - The War Below (A. Akiho)
    * Broken Neck - Screaming Females - Rose Mountain
    * An Unnatural Carousel - Earth - Full Upon Her Burning Lips

    1. DG - this may be the first time I know/own more works from artists on AMR’s list than yours ... and it only took one familiarity.

      1. But DG has three things on his list that I have in my iTunes (not necessarily on my iPod currently though).

        1. I'm assuming EMA, Knife, Fever Ray.

          You might like Exploded View - dreamy and sometimes noisy, but a little bit disturbed. I don't know if I like them, but they're different. I get occasional Portishead or US Girls vibes.

        1. Rick Rubin's work on Wildflowers is like his work for Johnny Cash, if less so. The only Petty I own... I probably have 3 songs from this on my iPod.

          I was huge into Jimi in High school. I think "Mary" is the only song I can play any part of on guitar... The first three chords, I figured them out by myself.

          I assume those are the two?

    1. That song reminds of me of the preschool I worked at. During gym/playground time, one teacher would stay in and clean the rooms, which I would volunteer for just for the peace and quiet. We had that on a tape and I would pop it in frequently during those quiet stretches.

      1. I often do. Can't believe it's been almost 29 years since the crash. He was only 35 when he died.

        1. I remember hearing about his death and thinking, “Well, at least he got to live a good, long while.”

          I was 10.

  4. Haha, relaxing music. Good one.

    Anyway, I bought this album the other day:

    It's a awesome as it looks.

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