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2019 Game 105: Us and Them

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Win Probability: 59%

The ten game lead on Cleveland that the Twins enjoyed two months ago had been whittled down to eight games just one month ago. In the past month of games, Cleveland has slashed that lead to just one game. The Twins vaunted offense remains potent (despite last night's ass-battery), the starting pitching remains mostly competent if no longer outstanding, but the bullpen continues to vex. I mean, when Taylor Rogers breaks your heart twice in one week, it might be time to re-evaluate your emotional entanglements. If nothing else, the worrisome collapse of a double digit divisional lead down to a single game helped spur the front office into action and pick up Sergio Romo from the Marlins. Carlos Torres was designated for assignment to clear a roster spot for Romo. So long, Carlos, we hardly knew ye. The brain trust has until Wednesday afternoon to make any additional moves that could impact the roster for the playoffs. Now, I keep hearing from the mouthpieces that the Twins, despite their precipitous fall in the standings, are playing with a lot of confidence right now. That's good. But maybe it's time to also play with a little bit of fear and loathing, and more competence than the Twins have shown in recent days. Were I Jonathan Schoop, for instance, I think I would have burned that glove with the hole in it and gotten myself a new one by now.

So, cue the Mighty Mouse theme song, because today the Twins have Kyle Gibson (9-4, 4.24 ERA, 109 K) on the mound to start the game. The Nibbler is our last best hope for maintaining sole possession of first place in the AL Central by the end of the day. Him and the offense, which went MIA on the south side last night. Oh, and the Kansas City Royals. But that's it, just Kyle Gibson, the Twins offense, and the Kansas City Royals. The White Sox send right-hander Dylan Covey (1-6, 6.04 ERA, 31 K) to the hill today. In short sample size theater, Schoop is two for three and hitting .667 against Covey, Garver (not in the lineup) hits him at a .500 clip, and Max Kepler averages .444 against him in nine at bats. So, 58 games to go and Cleveland is hot on our heels and breathing down our necks. Hold onto your butts, citizens, this ride might get a little rough. Play ball!

65 thoughts on “2019 Game 105: Us and Them”

  1. Based on his mannerisms during the quick pregame interview they showed, Romo seems like a goofy dude in a way that is always fun to have around. So at the very least, there's that.

  2. I would like someone to give me a good explanation as to why the white Sox don't wear these unis basically every game.

  3. This must be what it was like to be a fan of a team playing one of those late 90's Twins teams

  4. That smooth stride makes it seem like Kepler could handle center just fine... he's a great defensive RF.

    1. He does handle center just fine with a career UZR/150 of +11 there. Anyone would be forced to a corner with Buxton however.

  5. I bought punch out for the 3ds today. Soda Popinski is just laying waste to me.

      1. The problem is that I just don't have the d-pad reflexes to dodge his other punches like I did when I was 10.

    1. Unless they were talking about the fan Mrs. DG was using to keep herself cool.

    2. I enjoyed that they caught DG while he was paying for something. So representative of the experience of attending a game these days.

  6. Engel didn't bother to run all the way to first base... so Schoop didn't bother to throw it to first base for awhile. Very strange.

  7. This Price Slasher commercial, with one of the characters waving around a lit cigarette, is so jarring. It's crazy how quickly the use of cigarettes became demonized to the extent that it stands out so much.

  8. This Gibson start has gone from one of the least frustrating to kind of annoying really quickly.

    1. Dick clearly told him off-air before the game that Angel would botch a call and subsequently eject a manager.

      1. I kind of hope MLB gives Angel a supercut of all his blown calls when postseason umpiring crews are announced, with the file named “Why Angel didn’t make the World Series this year.mp4”

        1. I believe it will be Exhibit A to the Affidavit they file along with their Memorandum of Law in Support of Its Summary Judgment Motion in his lawsuit

        2. Make it a .qt file just so he has to find quicktime.

          Ooooh, or a .rm because RealPlayer was always complete crap.

  9. Fan near the plate: "Don't worry, Schoop. He [Angel Hernandez] hasn't really come close to getting any calls right today anyway."

    1. In the time it took me to get from the car to the computer, I missed this.

      I sat down and opened and went "Wait? 11? It was just 9"

  10. So, it looks like Gibby, the offense, and the Royals (6-9, bottom of the eighth) are all combining to keep the Twins alone atop the division.

  11. I'm surprised Dazzle and Provus don't know more of the story of Jimmy Piersall. I guess I'm just that old.

  12. Damn. As predicted, the assbats got put back into storage. 3 of 4 against the ChiSox at their park? Sweeet!

    But what the fuuuuh, Cruz? All those bombas and you couldn't help me out? I needed you, man. I needed a big payday!

  13. I will say that I thought ChiSoz field was pretty nice. Met some friendly Sox fans and they asked about stadium issues and surprisingly hockey. The whole high school hockey thing is really only a thing in Minnesota. Great to meet a couple cool citizens and families. The only negative was every 20 minutes or so we would get a strong sewer smell come through. Not sure where it came from but we all smelt it. Maybe that's why the seats were cheap. The family also got a hang loose wave from Kepler as he ran by. That was after my daughter shouted "I love you " in German. A good day!

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