Game 110: royals @ twins

Happy Joe Nathan Day!

Hopefully, the home team will honor its best ever reliever (seriously, his 2006 in particular was insane -- Rivera never matched Nathan's 39 FIP-) by giving up a few obligatory baserunners, then utterly destroying all remaining batters on their way to a scoreless game.

Attempting that feat will be Kyle Gibson, and you know what? Good Gibby could accomplish that. In his 10 wins, he's been holding the opposition to a .544 OPS, coupled with a 2.44 ERA.

In his losses.... it's a .982 and a 7.52. I don't know for sure, but that's got to be up there in terms of game outcome splits. I still think he's your third starter in a playoff rotation, but I'd have Odorizzi standing by from the first pitch on.

Gotta stick with Cruz for a boomstick tonight.

Go Twins!

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  1. I'm currently resisting the urge to text my brother something about how, while he has much less of it, at least his hair isn't as gray as his classmate that I'm seeing on the pregame.

    1. Well, I may have spoke too soon. They got the tarp off for the ceremony but it looks like they'll probably be putting it back on after.

  2. I don't understand why doesn't carry the pre game ceremonies.

    Also why can't they provide any kind of update on time expected during weather delays?

    1. Also, this would have been a much better hand for the free game of the day than whatever game they picked. (so I don't have to listen to DicknBert after this).

  3. Conflicting emotions there. Great that he's a cribbage guy, less so that he's a Bud Light guy.

    1. I miss that guy. I also find it hilarious* that the two guys selected to the all star game have been shitty since the all star game.

      *I do not find this hilarious

      1. Not sure if Polanco has been shitty though. .794 OPS is acceptable. Hopefully, he can get a bit closer to his pre-all star form.

  4. Hopefully, the home team will honor its best ever reliever

    Too bad they let him go a year too early. He was replacement level in his first year back but then vintage Nathan for two more years before time caught up.

  5. Oh, hell, I'm just going to pick Cruz for the rest of the year and be done with it. The odds will be on my side.

  6. According to the KC feed, Duffy had the 3rd best era of any pitcher at target field (minimum 8 starts). Well I betting he's not 3rd any more.

  7. I really wanted Billy Hamilton to be a half way decent baseball player, but man his bat is terrible.

    1. Fortunately, the Twins have their own idealized version. Now they just gotta tell him to quit running into the fucking wall.

    2. Twins should have traded for him to be a pinch-running specialist in the postseason. Other than Polanco and the outfielders, they will want to have somebody to run for pretty much everybody else when down a run late.

      1. Not sure if you are serious, or being sarcastic.

        I would think Adrianza will be on the bench during the playoffs, so he can be that pinch running option. He will not steal many bases but can be that extra speed on the bases in late inning situations and then goes in as a defensive replacement. Also, if everyone is healthy, a typical lineup may have Gonzalez and Arraez on the bench. Both are significant upgrades in speed over the slower infielders we may have. I don't think our organization is the type who will be attempting to steal a base in those situation. We just want a runner who can potentially take the extra base on a double or gap single.

        This makes me imagine a healthy post season roster. We could potentially have a bench of Adrianza, Arraez, Gonzalez and Castro. That is a significant upgrade over past years.

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