2019 Game 112: Atlanta Braves vs. Minnesota Twins

The wife is on a business trip, and I've got two little rugrats, so I'll be keeping this brief. A pretty decent Braves team is coming through Minnesota starting a three game series tonight. This will be immediately followed by a four game series against the Spiders. Safe to say this will be a very important homestand. Thankfully, they started it off right with a sweep against the Royals. Let's continue the current trend.

The Twins will face a very sharp rightie (and Cy Young candidate) in Soroka tonight. The Twins counter his stinky pitches with their very own Odor Eater.

65 thoughts on “2019 Game 112: Atlanta Braves vs. Minnesota Twins”

  1. Opportunity for Odorizzi to get another "playoff" like start. I think he comes out like he did in Miami and throws a nice game.

      1. Was the extra day was for Odorizzi or was it what made sense looking ahead to the Cleveland series and it made more sense to send Smeltzer out yesterday rather than tonight?

          1. Certainly hasn't hurt. Its been a great outing for him in a big game against their ace.

  2. 27 pitches vs 11 pitches in that first inning.

    We may need some solid bullpen effort later tonight.

    1. Most of his starts are like this unfortunately. Would love to see him be a bit more efficient with his pitches.

  3. Wheee pitch count GOMLing. At this point, it's less about the count and about times through order.

  4. Jake doing great - but isn't going to last past the 6th and Soroka barely over 30 pitches so far. Twins batters need to at least try and work counts.

    1. He is definitely a ball player. Love watching him play. Adds a little spunk to the team.

    1. Cleveland had a runner on 3rd and only 1 out when I last looked. Glad that worked out. They've gotta be kicking themselves.

      1. Lead off double that was millimeters fair/foul - upheld as double on replay.

        Sac bunted him to 3rd - then ground out and a fly out to end the game.

        Solid outing for Mike Minor.

  5. Maybe don't bring in the reliever that has been owned by the next batter with 2 out in a close late game?

    1. Reads game log in the morning, see strike zone comments. Goes to box score, sees Laz Diaz. Makes sense.

  6. All right. Gonna use my Spooky call on Rosario. I encourage others to join me this inning.

  7. The rumor of the Twins demise has been greatly exaggerated. 9 of 11. This team is catching a second wind.

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