2019 Game 113 — Barves at Twins

Well that was a fun, big boy win last night, Odorizzi looking like his spring 2019 self, Mays hitting 100 on the radar gun to finish 2 solid innings, Jake Cave botching a simple grounder in the outfield, Sano’s pitch hit blast... Here’s a little Freealonzo Fun Fact: Last time the Twins beat Atlanta with a walk off homerun in Minneapolis, these same two teams played the next day and the Twins, with their ace on the mound, won in extras. Can history repeat itself?!?

Atlanta has Mike Foltynewicz on the mound who's back to the bigs after pitching about as well as I can pronounce his name earlier in the season. A 6.37 ERA, more hits than innings pitched, and a 2-5 record on a first place team. Also the dude gives up nearly 2.5 bombas per 9 innings so sorry 1964 Twins home run record, looks like your place in history could be gone by 10:30p tonight.

Berrios on the mound for the Twins and a team that looks like it’s locked in right now. Should be a glorious night for baseball. 7:10p first pitch. Enjoy.

Twins Line Up
CF Kepler
SS Polanco
DH Cruz
LF Rosario
C Garver
2B Arraez
3B Sano
RF Gonzalez
1B Cron

29 thoughts on “2019 Game 113 — Barves at Twins”

  1. Alright, I'm gonna try something bold: Cron will hit a hr on the fourth pitch when he leads off the next inning.

  2. Its getting to the point that I assume a ball hit to third is going to turn into an error one way or the other.

  3. Even with three walks, Berríos is efficient. 59 pitches through four compared to Foltynewicz at 72.

        1. Under the "HELP AND FAQ" section on the toolbar, there's a link to the challenge rules. On the top of that page there's a link to the standings. They look pretty good today.

  4. I just noticed that this says "Barves at Twins". If "barves" is the plural of barf, that's a pretty good description of the last two games.

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