Game 116: Cleveland at Minnesota

Alternatively titled: In Which The Twins Get Off Their Butts And Start Winning Games Again, Thus Marking The Part Of The Season Where They Take Care Of Business Like The Professional Hitters They Are, And Also Who Does This Shane Bieber Think He Is, Anyway?

Let's see what this Smeltzer kid has when he's used as more of a conventional attack than a surprise one, eh?

Featured image courtesy of our division lead.

30 thoughts on “Game 116: Cleveland at Minnesota”

      1. I don't know about "selectively make bad calls", but I do think the rules tend to be different for rookies than they are for veterans. Non-Yankee rookies, that is.

    1. Sure feels that way, but they do have a pretty good run of AL Central opponents coming up, by which I mean, even if this entire 4-game set goes sideways, they’re not going likely to fall too far behind over the next 3 weeks.

  1. At least we aren't wasting the relievers that don't suck in these games. I mean why put Romo in when you are down 4 anyway when you can put Duffer in to give up a couple more runs?

    1. Yeah. I’m torn ... can’t bring in your best relievers to protect a lead if you’re not able to catch up because they’re adding on. Can’t use your best relievers later if you’ve already burned through them to keep the ‘catching up’ possible.

  2. I’d like to say that the spirit has moved me to say that the twins are going to win this game, but I’ve been drinking so .... I can’t say it’s the spirit talking.

  3. Did I miss a rules change, or are takeout slides back in play? Allen working awfully hard to slide into Polanco, and not the bag on the double play there.

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